1972 - Communique Of The Fifth Plenary Meeting Of The 1St Central Committee

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The plenary meeting of the central committee started on 15 September and successfully concluded on 16 September 1972.

All the members of the Central Committee were present and the meeting was presided over by the Chairman of the Central Committee.

The following agenda was taken in the meeting and it was carried accordingly.

The agenda

Political 2. Organizational 3. Ideological 4. Military 5. Financial 6. Miscellaneous The meeting granted the communique of the fourth plenary meeting, documents published by the central committee and directives given by the Chairman.

The meeting discussed military and financial matter of the organization and took the decision that the solving of financial problem is central task in military work.

The meeting further decided that the promising regions have to initiate guerrilla war through national enemy annihilation and the places where guerrilla war has started must be strengthened.

With that objective, the central committee redistributed the responsibility among leading comrades and took the decision to publish and popularize the real experience of the guerrilla war.

The ideological and organizational situation of organization was discussed and following decisions were taken.

In this case, rectification campaign and anti-clique struggle is central task.

We have to add anti dogmatism struggle with that.

Open and Mass Organizational Work:

Open and semi open work can be carried by keeping party identity secret. Its aim will be to recruit cadres, help armed struggle, and intensify people’s contradiction with the enemies and the contradiction among the enemies.

Mass Organization

Main form of mass organization is Armed Force.

The aim of open, semi open and mass organization work will be to help armed struggle and recruit cadres etc.

On trade union work in enemy areas:

Don’t form counter trade union or central based trade union against those controlled by reactionaries. On this case, infiltrate those by keeping party identity secret and materialize our previously mentioned aims.

Form trade union by the leadership of cadres (by keeping party identity secret) where reactionaries have not formed trade unions.

If it is problem to independently keep existence, join centrally based trade union.

We have to properly combine open and mass organization work with secret work and armed struggle. The secret work and armed struggle will be principal method of work.

In liberated areas, develop open mass organization.

In semi liberated or instable liberated areas, develop open, semi open and secret organization.

  • The meeting took following resolutions in political question:

People of East Bengal are severely agitated against the Indian expansionism and six mountains’ lackeys. Spontaneously they are annihilating six mountains’ lackeys.

We have to provide leadership to that spontaneous struggle of people.

In different places, proletarian revolutionaries are working spontaneously in party name. We should establish contact with them and organize them under party leadership. We have to work according to published document (Appendix-I: Call of the Proletarian Party to the Revolutionaries who are working spontaneously without having contact with party)

Kaji-Amol, Deben-Basar and other neo revisionists have formed Committee to Struggle under the leadership of Vasani and are making futile attempt t establish themselves as opposition party. Their end will be worse than different unity front formed by Jyoti Bose and Co. in India. Their fall is inevitable.

It is nothing but deceiving people.

We have to use their organized open mass struggle (for example hungry procession etc.) and the anti -Indian expansionism and anti- Six Mountains’ lackey propaganda in favor of our armed struggle.

We have to unmask different forms of revisionists and the so called socialists.

The wrong political, organizational, military and other lines of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin neo revisionists are being unveiled in front of cadres.

Their cadres do not abide by discipline but work spontaneously according to own wish.

They make cadres dependent on individual other than party and build personal areas.

This is why each one of them build own fortress (Pabna is Motin’s, Noakhali is Toha’s and Jessor is Huq’s fortress).

– They do not have organizational levels

– Cadres have individualism

– Organization is not centrally organized

– They do not make criticism and self-criticism

– They do not have clandestine work method

It proves that wrong political line must manifest in wrong organizational line. Their fall is inevitable.

The Moni Singh-Mojaffar revisioists and their organizations have already been introduced to people as ‘B’ team of six mountains’ lackeys. Rapidly they are being divorced from people. Their fall is inevitable.

The US imperialists, by taking the opportunity of severe mass discontent of the people of East Bengal against the Indian expansionism and six mountains’ lackey, are hatching conspiracy with the help of their East Bengal lackeys forge to counterrevolutionary seizure of power.

With that aim, they are trying to make sectarian riot.

The objective of all those is to establish colony of US led imperialists in East Bengal. We have to strengthen our vigilance and expose that conspiracy [Appendix-II: Our Some Questions to the National Socialist Party: The Students’ League (Rob Group)], intensify contradiction among the enemies (US led imperialists and their lackeys versus Soviet Social Imperialism, Indian Expansionism and their lackeys) and take the opportunity of crisis created from that contradiction.

We have to strengthen our revolutionary activities in the domestic and international opportune revolutionary situation.

By giving Veto against the entrance of ‘Bangladesh’ in United Nations, the China has played correct role.

The six mountains’ lackeys and their masters are trying to create anti-China anti-Communist public opinion by using the incident of Chinese Veto. Its another aim is to distract people’s eye and annihilate leftists.

  • The following resolutions were taken in the miscellaneous agenda:

The financial account (July-August 1972) of organization is discussed on an average and granted.

Before distribution of any leaflet and document, the printed copy should be granted by appropriate level. In additional point of cadre history, add ‘If there is any long term and chronic and transmittable disease’.

From the party experience of marital life, we find that male and female comrades willing to marry each other should closely live together for long days to understand and verify each other. It will be granted by appropriate level.

If that system was run since before, we could avoid many error and set-backs in conjugal life.

All the decisions were taken unanimously in the meeting. Meeting concluded successfully by scheduling the date of next Meeting.