1981 - Long live the armed struggle of our people! Down with the reactionary hoax!

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PCP - Peru, 8 September 1981

The Communist Party of Peru, started in May 80, in defense of the sacred interests of our people, and our heroic armed struggle. This transcendental revolutionary act with guerrilla actions: propaganda and agitation, mobilization, crops and invasions, sabotage, assault and confrontation, mainly in the field, opens the doors of the armed rebellion, the revolt of the masses of poor peasantry, especially, the conquest of power for the proletariat and peoples through a protracted people's war from the countryside to the city masses. This is the real and only way to our liberation.

In more than a year of battles and victories, whose milestones are Chuschi, San Martin de Porres, Airabamba, Aisarca, Luricocha and others who stand out among more than the two thousand armed actions that have rocked every corner of our country fueled by the burning combativeness of our indomitable people. Today, in its inevitable development, our struggle begins with a new and big wave that hits the old reactionary ruling system deeper, which by being in turn transitory is headed by the demagogue Belaunde and his gang of smugglers, looters, starvers and traitors.

The recent and forceful blows in Quinua, the USA embassy and its residence, the Southern, the central and local People's Action and others are part of a series of armed actions against US imperialism, the main foreign exploiter of our people and the servile Belaunde government and his rampant repression and false democracy.

But, trying to cover the sun with a finger, for weathering the political crisis that they have generated, united to the heroic struggles of our people, and in defense of its imperialist master (now it sends as a new "ambassador", a sanguinary "specialist" in counter-insurgency war), and the black collaboration of electioneering opportunists, focused on "El Diario", the reactionary and corrupt Belaunde government has mounted the crude and senile canard that "would be drug traffickers," the perpetrators of such actions, at the same time are spreading fallacious and ridiculous denials. So they attempt to cover up the great reality: the failures in its repressive plan and the booming development of the armed struggle.

Workers, peasants, women, youth, masses of our country, a new truth lies before us: the armed revolution is on! We greet the future hitting the reactionary power more and more strongly, with arms in hand and heart seething with hope as embodied in the unquenchable flames of our people's war.