1981 - To our heroic fighting people!

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PCP - Central Commitee - 1 january, 1981

Peruvian people! You are suffering four hunder years of hard and cruel exploitation, under ignominious foreign domination, violent opression of the native exploiters and bloody repression by the reactionary State.

Peruvian people! Today, after twelve years of false revolution and real reenforcement of your chains under a fascist military regime, in the middle of the big crisis that you have endured, today it is a new government that rules through outdated reactionary monstrosity of, so called, "representative democracy", false democracy of false rights and liberties, of false care for the basic needs of the people, and false democracy of the real opression and exploitation in the service of the exploiting classes and it's imperialist master; new reactionary government which is drowning you day by day in the hunger, unemployment, ignorance, illness, growing misery and increasing repression.

Peruvian people! Your history is not only the one of exploitation and bloody opression that was imposed and keep imposing with the language of reactionary violence and the words of demagogy of the false promises. Your history, is the one of rebellion and struggle; it's the history of the proletariat as a leading class, of the peasants, especially of the poor one which struggles and fights for the land he lives off, of the popular masses which live off the sweat of their foreheads, of your best sons which offer up the your life, of the peoples which wake up more and more to fight for your liberty, for your emancipation. In summary, our people, your history is the heroic one and unfading striggle of the popular masses; it's the struggle for the bread for your children, for the education, which clears the minds and makes them more conscious, for your conquered rights and liberties for the price of your blood, for the marching revolution, thriving for definitive emancipation, for the destruction of the old and rotten system of dominance, and definitely for the creation and forging of the new world for your sons, by your armed hands.

Peruvian people! And today, your best sons, blood of your blood, steel of your steel, forged in your thousand battles and hardeden in your tireless action, following your shining and heroic example, today, our peruvian people, your best and devoted sons have rised in the wind the red flaming flag of the rebellion, they have rised in the armed actions opening the way which everyone has to follow: the way of democratic revolution which shall demolish the imperialist domination, feudal opression, capitalist bueraucratic exploitation and the outdated State whose support is the bureaucracy.

Peruvian people! Today your sons hois the great red flag of the rebellion which started to express with the facts your highest revolutionary dreams. Today your sons have started the effort, hard and brilliant path of enclosing the cities from the village, glorious way of the people's war. That way, today, your sons that came out of your powerful entrails, offer up to you their armed actions and their lives while saluting your heroic struggle and magnificent future in this new year.

Peruvian people! The armed struggle has begun! Laborers, peasants, workers, women, youth, children of the people, popular masses, let us march together into combat and with weapons in our hands we will build the future, the great future of our people!