1986 - Nothing and nobody can defeat us!

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PCP - Central Commitee - Peru, 1986

With deep affection for the love of truth. and Liberty. I have nothing in my hands that remains of the LTC. except this ashtray labor of prisoners of war who now lie on their cowardly murdered bodies. and the abject world, the History the masses. will judge these war criminals. You see all the men of the earth in the bench of the accused and will be sentenced as such war criminals who today must be shaking. Nothing and no one can defeat us, the river increases its natural cause, the overflow is a Law.

There is a logic. The reactionaries generating disturbances and failing until their final ruin.The village also has its Law: fighting - fail. Returning to fight, we can fail again. We will return to fighting until the final Victory that calls us.Bloodshed are banners that call for all people to achieve what we have craved, power. We are condemned to succeed, it's a beautiful sentence. We were born to win.

This is already a grand reality.

They can grind us. Blow us to smithereens. but they can not break our communist morality.

We are ready to die.

The moral of the class is at stake. It must be defended. and we will do it with blood, anguish and tears.

It can not be any other way. It is the only way to blow them to smithereens. And we will do it in a deep storm.

In desperation the reactionaries are losing more control; no more than ever we need not do so. Only teach the world the reactionary nature of the class that they defend, people will simply not exist as such but strictly to change the world in the image and likeness of the working class, organized vanguard of the Communist Party of Peru.

Only the war will deeply touch the people until the last fold of their souls, from the singing to the cries, and from the cries to the singing, there is no other free way, and we have voluntarily chosen this hard, long and bloody road of the victorious and invincible people's war that the Party and our people carry forward. It is natural that the reactionaries act this way.

We have already been told wisely, the more vile the more deeply the reactionaries will dig their own graves: that's how it is, that's how it will be.

As a fighter of this heroic Shining Trench of Combat who has resisted tenaciously the bombing. of the reactionary genocidal Armed Forces, dishonor of the national heroes. Brave to kill cowardly to die. They know how to kill but don't know how to die.

The people will never forget the blood shed from it's best children.

Beloved people from around the world, your communist children of war will not fail you, especially at this very moment. We will hoist high the red flags of Communism.

We have bright prospects.

What can we do, well our destiny is to succeed. The last word is that we are winning.

We fight clearly for our cause, for Communism.

We'll talk about other issues on another day.

I reaffirm my commitment to our revolution, to the world revolution, with the blood of our people, of our brave fighters with the blood of our communist comrades that flows freely crumbling the old and creating the new. Never again will I see their faces, their smiles but that lives within my heart. I will be the bearer of its ideals that are mine, that are of our people.

I will follow your examples. to fight for our people to serve the people wholeheartedly without any personal motive. with complete selflessness.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo, guarantee of victory! Long live the Communist Party of Peru! Glory to the fallen fighters!

A Fighter - June 19, 1986

NOTE - Letter from a fighter, member of the People's Guerrilla Army (Ejercito Guerrillero Popular), written on June 19, 1986 ("DAY OF HEROISM"), amid the heroic resistance of the rebellion against genocide, when the sinister reactionary armed forces, commanded by the genocidal Alan Garcia, assaulted the shining trench of combat in Peru's "El Fronton" prison. I hand it over before I die. We publish it, as it was drafted, so that history records it.