1994 - Reaffirm Our Basis of Party Unity and Build the Conquest of Power

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The page numbers refer to the Spanish documents; where available, English references are given in brackets. The first part of each quote in parts II and III refers to how the section to be studied begins and the last part of each quote is where the section ends.


1. "But, furthermore, and this is the basis of every Great Leadership [Jefatura], revolutions give rise to a thinking that guides them, a result of the application of the universal ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution, a guiding thought that is indispensable to achieve victory and seize power, and, even more, to continue the revolution and always keep it on course to the only great goal, communism, a guiding thought that once it takes a qualitative leap of decisive importance for the revolutionary process it leads, becomes identified with the name of the person who worked it out in theory and practice. In our situation, this phenomenon took the specific form, first of guiding thought, then of the guiding thought of Chairman Gonzalo, and later as Gonzalo Thought, because it is the Chairman who by creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of Peruvian reality gave rise to it, thus supplying the Party and the revolution with an indispensable arm that guarantees victory."

- Ist Party Congress, "On Gonzalo Thought", pg. 3

2. "We have held the First Congress of the Communist Party of Peru... a Marxist Congress, a Congress of Marxism- Leninism- Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. This Congress... for the prospective seizure of power. I reiterate prospective. ("Interview with Chairman Gonzalo", p 35).

3. "Finally, see that we could not carry forward everything the Party is leading without guiding by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, our ideology and the starting point of the Party's Basis of Unity. We should reaffirm it today more than ever, because it's under attack, it's the object of calumnies, it's being negated; we should maintain the absolute conviction that it is all-powerful because it is true, that is the reality, but simply, but as solid as a rock, after all, all that idealist word-play will fade away and what will remain will be incontrovertible facts. True, we are going through hard times, but it is incontrovertible that the main trend of history is revolution, and it will win out, communism will win out and shine all over the world."

--Preparatory Session for the II Plenum of the Central Committee, pg 2

4. "...it's time to think deeply, since the Party's struggle, by which we mean the People's War it is leading, has never stopped for even a moment, the party is never paralyzed, because it is clear on the road to follow, because it is united around the Great Leadership [Jefatura] of Chairman Gonzalo, the Party Basis of Unity, the People's War, the Strategic Development Plan.

Once again strategic centralization and tactical decentralization is being given expression, we have plans made up of campaigns, and this continues. A Party united by such elements is strong. We emphasize strategic centralization and tactical decentralization because that's communist practice, and our concrete experience. Always keep in mind the glorious toil of eleven years of People's War, the People's War cannot be halted. We shuold even see it this way: the leadership could disappear, in part, not all of it, but the leaders who remain should and can continue the plans, the struggle, the People's War; we are steeled in the understanding that the revolution cannot be stopped, cannot be paralyzed. Chairman Mao taught us, We gather our dead, treat our wounded, and continue fighting."

- " Build the Seizure of Power Amidst People's War", II Plenum.

5. " We have not yet experienced a big defeat, so that these minor particular circumstances, this new phase ir the war and this sinister converging attack are part of the more complicated circumstances we have to undergo until communism shines on the Earth. They are part of the unevennes and are testing our responsibility, s communists; the Party is showing that it can give rise to a leadership that corresponds to our reality, to our necessity; we are sufficiently steeled, the risks do not frighten us nor does the danger stop us: this moment is just one more trial - let it be welcome! It is part of the revolutionary process and we are handling it well, as another step in our becoming steeled. The life of cammunists is struggle, not pleasure. Once, when Marx's daughter asked, what is happiness?, he answered, struggle. Years later Chairman Mao taught that to work is to struggle. We hold tight to all of this; our dfficulties can be conquered because we are a new force with a brilliant future."

- "Build the Seizure of Power Amidst People's War". II Plenum

6. "This convergence of the new revisionist counter-revolutionary offensive in collusion with imperialism dreams of the definitive destruction of Marxism, dreams of sweeping away all that revolution has done, all its achievements, all its heroic action; they want to re-enthrone the old, the rotten domination of reaction during the most obsolete and evil period of imperialism. This has its repercussions, and we see capitulation and monstrous renegacy, this is happening in the petite bourgeoisie, in the upper crust of the working class. The MRTA, for example, is the preacher of capitulation in this country; they spread 'peace', bourgeois democracy, capitulation in the face of imperialism. Capitulationism expresses itself in two aspects: capitulation in the face of Peruvian reaction, and capitulation in the face of world reaction, that's how it always is; their goal is to sell out the revolution. This is pus, which must be wiped out by blood and fire, and that requires strategy and tactics."

--Preparatory Session for the II Plemum of the Central Committee, p 13

7. "The class, the people, the masses clamour for the development of the People's Work to size power."

"Here the key thing is that the class, the proletariat, the masses, demand the development of the People's War, the deepest

interests of the proletariat, the deepest and most real interests of the masses here need People's War and we can't be deaf to the

clamour of the masses, the class, the people; the masses demand, command, want, need the People's War; and we have dared to call upon them to rebel, and we'll continue doing so today, tomorrow and forever, until we fulfill our goal, communism: we have dared to develop a People's War that is victorious, expanding, and threatening, and the masses are increasingly conscious of this necessity because there is no other in this world. "

"Under the Guidance of the Congress, Reorganize the Metropolitan Commitee!"


Reaffirmation of the II Plenum: A glorious, historic and far-reaching Plenum

Agreement to publish the Report of the III Plenum. Central Document.

  • Report (III Plenum)
  • Taking a position on it and reaffirming it.

1. Keep in mind the Outline Summation of the Campaign, so as to prepare summation reports on the IInd Campaign. Outline.

2. On Yankee imperialism's indirect intervention

- Speech by Chairman Gonzalo

- Document "Build the Conquest of Power Amidst People's War"

p 13 On ideology as an arm of victory: "with such powerful and highly sophisticated... but they haven't achieved it even today."

p 10 "The three stages... Thus if direct imperialist action were to occur .... and at the same time international support grows and becomes more powerful."

- "Let Strategic Equilibrium Shake the Country even more!"

P 36 Restudy section on low intensity warfare

p 43 Point 2. Psychological-operations. II Plenum, 395-407

May document."Elections, No! People's War, Yes", p 7 (In special issue of El Diario)

  • On U.S imperialism's "20 Year Plan" carried out by the armed forces and the puppet Fujimori. Oiga magazine no. 647-648.
  • Slogan Yankees, go home! Yankees Out of Peru!
  • Let us reaffirm what was laid down by the Work Session on contradictions, principal contradiction and polarization.

TACTICS: Unite the people in defense of the Great Leadership [Jefatura], against the genocidal and national-sellout dictatorship!

3. Report on the application of the work session.


1) Communication and hook-ups.

2) Principal task. Specific measures.

3) Sending down and applying the Session.

4) Struggle against the counter-revolutionary hoax, and struggle against the main danger, revisionism.

5) Archives, publications, and finances.

6) Conclusions and perspectives.

Approve the report and salute the fulfillment of the task.


"Revisionism has already lost out.... those traitors who try to do so or begin to do so."

- Chairman Gonzalo; "Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, p 17


a)"Build the Seizure of Power Amidst People's War" II Plenum. Introductory and final parts. Reproduce the document.

b) Our Party Basis of Unity sanctioned in the First Party Congress.

  • Reaffirm it. Unleash a mass movement of reaffirmation of the Party Basis of Unity in the whole Party. People's Liberation Army and the masses of the New Political Power.
  • "On the Rectification Campaign based on the study of the document Elections, No! People's War, Yes!", p 17.
  • The three elements: Party Basis of Unity sanctioned in the Congress. Reproduce the documents: Fundamental Documents.

c)Concretizations. Document. Put out the document, "Long Live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought."

d) The Party Basis of Unity and the two-line struggle. Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, pp 23-44 on the Party.

e)On the Party's history, pp 37-41 of the Congress Summary Document.

f) Document, "Under the Guidance of the Congress, Reorganize the Metropolitan Committee!"

g) Document, "Unite Around the Congress".

h) Summary Document, p 72, role played by ideology, and p 83, on Foundations of the Great Plan to Develop Base Areas for the Seizure of Power.

i) May Directives for Metropolitan Lima. p 12 on entryism and infiltration.

j) "Build the Conquest of Power Amidst People's War", p 22. On the People's War, it is an achievement to maintain it, but if it takes root in the masses and advances, it is a complete success; p 23 on the proportion between directly organized forces and the population.


  • Previous history.
  • Where the counter-revolutionary hoax is heading.
  • Tear to shreds the black monstrosities of Yankee imperialism, the genocidal and national-sellout dictatorship and the black grouplet that is raising a revisionist and capitulationist R.O.L.


1) Let us reaffirm the Declaration of the Central Committee: facts have correctly and definitively confirmed the position it laid down in the face of the counter-revolutionary plot.

2)The so-called letters Fujimori has presented, the so-called phone call abroad and the subsequent monstrosities are a counter-revolutionary plot cooked up there by Yankee imperialism and the genocidal and national sellout dictatorship in combination with the evil action of the black grouplet. A hoax to win the elections, block the celebration of the Centenary in December and hide the la Cantuta case, in the short run, but its essence is to seek to annihilate the People's War and within that continue their plan to murder Chairman Gonzalo.

3) Denounce, condemn and smash the black grouplet that is raising a revisionist and capitulationist R.O.L., made up-of infiltrators, traitors, capitulators and old revisionists. Grouplet directly linked to the reaction. Their monstrosities are a complete negaiition of the Party's Ist Congress, a Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought Congress, of the Party Basis of Unity, the Great Leadership [Jefatura], the Party, the People's War, and therefore they have removed themselves from the Party by their own free will.

Keep in mind that 1) What goes against principles cannot be accepted; 2) It is an international communist norm that one cannot lead from inside prison and these monstrosities are in antagonistic opposition to principles, especially all this business about the "peace agreement".....

4) Pay attention to the two-line struggle, develop it to strengthen the People's War, which is the main thing and which is and will be determinate. It is necessary to go deeply into the background, the process, and the present situation to determine the level of struggle in the whole Party.....

5) .......

6)reiterate that what is principal is People's War, and therefore center on our plan because the internal is decisive. It is urgent to bring the whole Party into conformity with the Party Basis of Unity.



I. On Democratic Centralism, discipline and two-line struggle.

  • Quotations from Chairman Mao on discipline, p 270 (English Little Red Book. p 254)
  • Quotations from Chairman Mao on Criticism pp 279-280.
  • Necessity of elevating the struggle to the level of line: Chairman Mao Vol 5 p 561, on the dialectical method for the Party's internal unity.

p 553. On self-assessment. [Vol 5, p 507]

p 345. On criticism and uniting with those who criticize you. [pp 317-181]

p 379 and 477. On a simple life-style and arduous struggle. [p 349, p438]

Three Cardinal Rules and-Eight Warnings.

II. On how to understand personal relations subordinated to the Party Basis of Unity.

  • Selected Works of Marx and Engels, pp 533-535
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Quotations by Chairman Mao on women
  • Point 11 of the Programme of the Communist Party of Peru.