1998 - Unite the People Against the Fascist, Genocidal and Country-selling Dictatorship, Developing the People's War Further!

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Make trouble, fail, make trouble again, fail again . . . till their doom; that is the logic of the imperialists and all reactionaries the world over in dealing with the people's cause, and they will never go against this
logic. This is a Marxist law. When we say "imperialism is ferocious", we mean that its nature will never change, that the imperialists will never lay down their butcher knives, that they will never become Buddhas, till their doom.
Fight, fail, fight again, fail again, fight again . . . till their victory; that is the logic of the people, and they too will never go against this logic. This is another Marxist law. The Russian people's revolution followed this law, and so has the Chinese people's revolution. (Cast Away Illusions, Prepare for Struggle)
Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Let us take note: we have not had any great defeat, let us prepare ourselves so that we don't have any. Up to today our process has unfolded with successes and setbacks, we have lived through hard moments, like in 1983 and 1984, but not a great defeat. This is what Chairman Gonzalo told us in 1991. Later, our Great Leader was arrested and he told us from the prison: "… Some think this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We tell them to keep on dreaming. It is simply a bend, nothing more, a bend in the road! The road is long and we shall arrive. We shall triumph! You shall see it! You shall see it!" From then until today we have unfolded within this bend in the road and now we have begun to emerge from the bend in the road.

The People's War is not only being maintained but is advancing step by step in the midst of hard and tenacious struggle, and the winds are blowing in our favor. Today we can affirm that the People's War is serving the overcoming of the bend in the road and although the road is still difficult and full of zigzags, we shall triumph. This year our Party is unfolding with great resolve a New Plan that is guided by the slogan UNITE THE PEOPLE AGAINST THE FASCIST, GENOCIDAL AND COUNTRY-SELLING DICTATORSHIP, DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE'S WAR FURTHER! And if the situation is complex and cruel, the future is bright.


ON ELECTIONS: Marx highlighted: "every two years, the oppressed are permitted to decide which members of the oppressing class should represent them and crush them in parliament! …elections have only been the instrument of feudal landlords and the big capitalists…" Thus, elections are an instrument of the counterrevolutionary war.

1) The Peruvian state is a landlord-bureaucratic state, it is a dictatorship of the feudal landlords and the big bourgeoisie under the control of North American imperialism. Against this, the people struggle for the construction of a New Democratic State that requires the destruction of the old, existing order.

2) The Peruvian State, like all states, is based on, defends and develops by utilizing violence. In the face of this, the people need revolutionary violence, following the path of surrounding the cities from the countryside.

3) Elections are a means of domination by the landlords and the big bourgeoisie. For the people they are not an instrument of transformation, nor a means to overthrow the power of the rulers. From this comes the just orientation of using them with agitation and propaganda goals.

We greet the heroic Peruvian people that today continues to combat and resist this fascist, genocidal and country-selling dictatorial government which is the most unbridled pro-imperialist government. They apply a sinister policy that is anti-people, anti-peasant and anti-People's War. For example: the policy of the economy of "free markets and the globalization of the economy", "neoliberalism", "human rights", "bourgeois democracy", "peace", etc., etc. This is the panacea for those who live on Mt. Olympus; but these false flags from the 18th Century are demagogic verbosity that only benefit a handful of exploiters nationally and abroad. They seek to lull and intimidate the conscience of the masses by applying a double politics. The so-called "struggle against narco-trafficking" is another imperialist double politics and a pretext to apply their counterrevolutionary strategy of "low intensity warfare" at a world level and to suffocate the revolution, primarily in the countries of the Third World. It is the case in our country moreover of those instruments to oppress the oppressed nations, here in our country and concretely in the coca producing zones, particularly in Huallaga, that North American imperialism and this regime are applying a sinister policy of eradication of coca fields with which they condemn the peasants of Huallaga and the surrounding region to hunger, ruin, abandonment and death. The so-called program of eradication and substitution of coca leaf cultivation with other alternative products, "alternative development", "agro-industrial development" was and is another demagogic verbosity of Fujimori. If not, let us see some events during the almost eight years of the long wait by principally the poor peasantry.

The programs of oil palm, palmito, cacao, coffee, rice, corn, among others, like camu-camu, bananas, etc., etc. are only done by a small group of landlords and rich peasants conditioned to support the government of "Cambio 90-New majority". They are wheedled into becoming Fujimoristas, organizing them corporatively, and under this system, giving them property titles, loans, etc., while the great majority of the poor peasantry finds itself marginalized, abandoned to their luck, while they try to drag them into their fascist system with demagogy and deceit.

This form of corporative organization, militarized and linked to "low intensity warfare" is being assembled with blood and fire with the aid of bayonets and genocide, pressuring and shackling the masses by way of the so-called CAD (Self Defense Committees), peasant rondas both native and urban, a corporatism that also drives the ministry of the presidency by way of COFOPRI, FONCODES, PRONAA, INADE, Committees of Development Against Drugs, etc. What are those organizations? For example the "Committees of Development", "Peasant Community", or the "Committees of Producers", "APAFA", "Committees of Health", "Sports Committees", "Mothers Clubs", or the "Glass of Milk"? These are corporative organizations under fascist military control, in order to tie them to their old system of exploitation and oppression and thus attempt to separate the people from the guerrillas. For that reason, continue unmasking the trafficking by Hermoza and Fujimori when they distribute crumbs to the people under the pretext of combating poverty, but in reality aiming to suffocate popular protest and win votes for Fujimori's reelection. And the fascist armed forces are supporting him in this reelection campaign, all within the strategy of low intensity warfare. If not so, then what are these "construction of roads", which are poorly made and last only a short time, "electric lights", "direct dial" telephones which are being fomented for informing as in Tocache, where they tell the people to denounce the "terrorists" by calling to a certain telephone number. "Bridges", "sporting fields", "potable water", "construction of schools and colleges", "medical posts", "hydroelectric stations", etc. And what about the land question? The stealing of lands has begun again. Giving property titles, loans and mortgages which serves to steal the land and follow the landlord path in agriculture, to say nothing of other products like basic foodstuffs. All these promises and programs have failed because this is not the path of the peasantry, and because while exploitation and oppression exist, under whatever government of this Peruvian state, of this old system, poverty will continue to exist. For that reason the only path, the only way out is the People's War. Now here in this region some followers of reelectionism of their puppet like the demagogic traffickers they are, and others with independent masks such as in the case of "vamos vecino", promise and promise or they make some little works and giveaways as they said in that campaign by reelectionists in Tocache. They do this in other provinces like San Martín, Huánuco, etc.

All this within the "definitive pacification" of Huallaga. Today they are newly raising the same ragged lie, seeking to undermine and destroy the People's War and cover up the gathering which they subject the peasants to by force in order to form mesnadas, repeating obsolete forms that have already been destroyed by the converging struggle of the shackled masses themselves and the guerrilla actions. For this reason the COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU calls upon all the people and especially the people of Upper Huallaga to: DON'T VOTE! Don't let yourselves be disoriented by the fanfare of the municipal elections! DON'T VOTE! Boycott them, obstruct them, undermine them and impede them wherever possible.