2009 - On Telangana

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Press Release

23 December 2009 Published in all leading newspapers

The 40 million people of Telangana region who comprise almost 40% of the population of the state of Andhra Pradesh have stood up boldly and unequivocally for their long-cherished democratic demand for a separate state. The people of Telangana region not only suffer from discrimination and neglect by the state and central governments that serve the imperialists, comprador big business houses, and big landlords, but also from the oppression, exploitation and discrimination by the landlords, bourgeoisie and the neo-rich class hailing from the relatively developed Andhra region. Hence the democratic aspiration for a separate state has taken firm root in the minds of the neglected people of Telangana region.

The demand for separate Telangana was raised several times over the past few decades and had even assumed the form of a violent year-long agitation in the year 1969. But it was then brutally suppressed by the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi and betrayed by the Telangana Praja Samiti led by Chenna Reddy. 400 people, most of them students, were killed by the fascist Congress regime in 1969 but it could not kill the democratic aspiration of the people of Telangana. Successive regimes of the Congress and TDP, which were captive to the pressures of the Andhra lobby, had opposed the demand tooth and nail. However, during the elections to the state Assembly in 2004 and again in 2009, the Congress, with an eye on the votes, promised that it would fulfill the demand for a separate state if it came to power.

But this comprador Party, known for its long history of betrayals of promises, went back on its promise of Telangana state and began to dilly-dally on the issue for over five years. The other major party of the big landlord big bourgeoisie classes of India, the BJP too, had promised Telangana state with the catchy slogan of ‘one vote—two states’ way back in the 1999 elections but betrayed the people after it came to power in the Centre. Today the opportunist parties such as the BJP and TDP, CPI and CPI (M), are claiming that they support Telangana only with the ulterior motive of gaining some mass base and convert it to their vote banks. TRS, which contested elections on the sole slogan of separate Telangana in 2004 in alliance with the Congress, and again in 2009 in alliance with the TDP, had wasted more than five years begging Sonia and lobbying in the corridors of the Parliament for a separate state. The TRS and its leader KCR are opposed from the very beginning to people’s agitation for achieving Telangana state. Their sole fear was that any mass agitation would become militant and slip out of their hands. Hence the TRS had been trying by all means to dilute the real struggle and confine it to the corridors of the Parliament and Assembly with an occasional demonstration to pretend that it is also for struggle. KCR, who claimed all along that his Party would achieve statehood for Telangana through lobbying among the Congress high command, has gone on an indefinite hunger-strike thinking this step would keep the movement under his control.

But the present mass upsurge in Telangana has gone beyond the control of any single party. It is gradually freeing itself from the manipulations and narrow selfish interests of the parliamentary parties and a new leadership is emerging out of the struggle. That is why the rulers are scared to the hilt by the unfolding events and by the prospects of formation of a democratic Telangana. The Congress-led UPA regime in the Centre and the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh are trying to suppress this spontaneous mass upsurge and the emerging young militant leadership by any means. It has closed down the universities and colleges for 15 days imagining that through this step it can douse the agitation. The government is also trying to divert the issue and legitimize its use of brute force in the name of anti-social elements entering the movement and also saying that Maoists will take advantage of the situation. It is trying in vain to separate the Maoists from the people. Maoists have always supported and will continue to support and participate in all people’s movements including separate Telangana movement. The reactionary rulers cannot isolate the Maoists from the people.

The Central Committee, CPI (Maoist), which has consistently placed the demand for a separate democratic Telangana hails the students, workers, peasantry, middle-class employees, and the intelligentsia of Telangana for their resolute struggle in face of the fascist suppression by the reactionary ruling classes. It pledges its total support to the fighting masses of Telangana for whose liberation thousands of our comrades had sacrificed their lives in the past three decades. It calls upon the people of Telangana to beware of the conspiracies of the various parliamentary parties to hijack this movement for their electoral ends and their attempts to take it along the path of compromise.

While uniting all forces, including the parliamentary parties that are willing to join the struggle we should formulate appropriate plans to defeat the enemy’s brutal onslaught and to sustain the agitation with a clear long-term plan. We should force the so-called people’s representatives belonging to various parliamentary parties in Telangana to resign and to particularly concentrate on wiping out the Congress party from the Telangana region. We appeal to the people of Telangana, particularly the students, not to indulge in suicides but to step up their mass movement until victory.

People and people alone are the real heroes. They are invincible. However much the fascist rulers try to suppress the people’s struggle in rivers of blood through their uniformed mercenaries they will certainly be washed away by the tsunami of people’s struggles. Let us intensify the mass movement by adopting all forms of struggle to defeat the offensive by the Manmohan-Chidambaram government at the Centre and Roshaiah’s government in the state and continue the struggle resolutely until we achieve separate Telangana.