2009 - On V Prabhakaran

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Press Release published in all leading newspapers on May 20, 2009

On the 18th of May the Sinhala chauvinist Sri Lankan army claimed to have shot dead Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Tamil nationalist leader who led the war for the liberation of Tamil nation in Sri Lanka for over three decades. However, the fascist Rajapakse regime of Sri Lanka made the official confirmation of the death of Prabhakaran only the next day.

The death of Prabhakaran and several other leaders of LTTE is the culmination of the genocidal war unleashed by the Sinhala chauvinist ruling classes of Sri Lanka against the Tamil nation—a war that had taken thousands of Tamil lives, destroyed the towns and villages inhabited by Tamil nationals, displaced lakhs of people, and turned the entire northern region inhabited by Tamil nationals into a grave-yard. In this genocidal war the fascist Rajapakse government was assisted and guided by the various imperialist powers, and by the big powers of Asia—India and China. It is after arming itself to the teeth with material assistance from these powers that Rajapakse regime unilaterally broke the cease-fire of 2002 signed with LTTE and began its brutal onslaught in July 2006. It had unleashed aerial bombardment and indiscriminate destruction of the Tamil areas, carried out gruesome genocide, and created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The fascist army had bombed schools and hospitals, besides residential houses and offices of LTTE. The indiscriminate bombing on LTTE bases and civilian people had created a situation where people had no alternative but to flee the war-zone. And this was the goal of the Sri Lankan rulers who, like the Israeli Zionist racists who had occupied and settled Jews on Palestine territories, want to settle the Sinhalese citizens permanently in Tamil territories and change the demography of the region.

While this is the fact the neo-Nazi Rajapakse regime is falsely claiming that his army had been continuing the operations only against the LTTE to save the Tamil civilians. All the major powers in the world are accomplices in the genocide of the Tamil people and the murder of Prabhakaran and other leaders of the LTTE. The betrayal by renegades like Col. Karuna and Pillayan, has played no less a role in the setback to Tamil cause. They had shamelessly joined hands with Rajapakse—the chief enemy of the Tamils for a few crumbs.

The reactionary rulers of Sri Lanka, India and various imperialist powers and their servile media have been describing Prabhakaran as a terrorist and LTTE as a terrorist outfit. Every national liberation struggle in history had to bear with such epithets hurled by the colonialists and their servile lackeys. The fact is for over three decades Prabhakaran and the LTTE he led waged one of the longest and fiercest wars for national liberation in South Asia. LTTE and Prabhakaran had been a terror not only to the Sri Lankan rulers but also to the Indian ruling classes who had sent their Army into Sri Lanka in 1987 to suppress the LTTE in the name of peace-keeping force but had to withdraw it after suffering huge losses of over 3000 troops in just three years.

Moreover, the LTTE had also shot dead Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 for having sent the IPKF. How was it possible for the Sri Lankan Army to defeat the powerful LTTE and capture the entire territories held by the LTTE? Every organization waging a national liberation war or a revolutionary war has to study this seriously. One of the reasons is the complacent attitude on the part of LTTE after having captured and retained its power over the Tamil territories for a considerable period. From a guerrilla force it gradually assumed the character of a standing army waging positional war. Hence its forces became easy targets for the enemy who had relied heavily on aerial bombardment of entire territories followed by occupation. Another reason was the lack of a consistent policy of uniting various sections of the Tamil people and organizations and building a broad-based front against the Sri Lankan state. Loss of the Eastern Province was the first great setback, and betrayal by renegades like Karuna and Pillayan who had joined hands with the ruling party and assisted in identifying and unleashing attacks on LTTE bases is also an important factor leading to the setback.

The CC, CPI (Maoist), offers its humble homage to Prabhakaran and the thousands of LTTE leaders and cadres who had laid down their lives fighting heroically until their last breath for the liberation of their nation. The aspirations of the Tamil nation cannot be crushed through brutal fascist means. Learning lessons from the setback, the Tamil nation will rise up again and wage a more united and militant struggle to achieve its genuine liberation. We stand by the Tamil people’s demand for a separate sovereign Tamil Eelam and pledge to extend our support and solidarity.