2010 - On Bhopal Verdict

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Press Release June 9, 2010

Published in People’s March,July-September 2010

The justice delivered by a Bhopal Court on June 7 sentencing seven of the murderers of 25,000 people and destroyers of the lives of at least half-a- million to two years in jail but permitting them to get immediate bail has shown for the umpteenth time what the world’s largest democracy means to the majority of the people. The chief culprit of the genocide— Warren Anderson—who is considered to be absconding, has been enjoying full protection from the imperialist government in Washington and roams scot free. The story of Bhopal and the story of how the comprador agents ruling our country can save top criminals like Anderson in the name of ‘rule of law’ is the story of India’s democracy.

Bhopal gas tragedy is not an accident; it is a genocide carried out by the multinational corporate sharks in collaboration with their native comprador agents who control the economic, political and military spheres. It is the story of treachery and betrayal of the people of India by successive regimes of Rajiv Gandhi, VP Singh, PVN Rao, Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh. These traitors and bootlickers of the imperialists are directly responsible for the crimes committed by the multinational companies operating in India and amassing super profits by not adhering to even the minimum safety measures. It is these traitors who had saved the murderers of Union Carbide with all the means at their disposal getting fat commissions in exchange for their shameless servility to their masters. It is these traitors who allowed Dow Chemicals to shirk its responsibility of cleaning up the toxic material from UCIL premises until date thereby exposing more people to suffer the effects caused by the poisonous chemicals. These traitors have absolutely no concern for the people and are interested in GDP growth and inflow of FDI which have no meaning to the majority of the people. While yelling loudly about extradition of small-time terrorists who are alleged to have a hand in some bomb blasts in India that had killed a handful of people, these criminals ruling our country allow a terrorist like Anderson, who had killed over 25,000 people, to fly back home and giving him VVIP treatment.

The Congress and the BJP are direct accomplices to the crimes committed by multinational sharks like Union Carbide in India. Even today, these criminals continue to invite such multi-national sharks into our country, most shamelessly roll out the red carpet, sign up MOUs, grant them extraordinary concessions like free land, water, power, tax- holidays, ban legitimate trade union activity in their companies, and allow them to rape the country’s resources and ruin the lives of the people.

Now an even more ghastly scenario looms before our eyes: the hawkish nuclear lobby headed by Man Mohan Singh is pushing ahead to pass a Nuclear Liability Bill placing a cap of a paltry Rs. 500 crore in case of a nuclear “accident” like the Bhopal “accident”. The experience of Bhopal shows that these nuclear suppliers too can get away like Anderson after a terrible nuclear disaster. Such disasters are all the more likely to happen in countries like India given the poor safety standards and callousness of the imperialist MNCs in the backward countries. Our Man Mohan Singhs and Chidambarams would be only too glad to make the Indians the sacrificial goats for their megalomaniacal dream of building a Shining India with two-digit growth rates and burgeoning billionaires even as the vast majority of the population live in extreme misery and destitution.

By facilitating the escape of butcher Anderson to the US and meting out nominal punishment to some of the chief perpetrators of the crimes these boot-lickers of the imperialist bloodsuckers are sending signals to the multi-national vampires that they can step into India without any fear, loot the country’s resources, exploit the people at will, and go back happily with their super profits even if their low safety standards create genocides like Bhopal. Thus the danger of hundreds of potential Bhopals looms all over the country. If we keep silent now and allow the criminal rulers to have their way then entire India could become a Bhopal.

The CC, CPI (Maoist) expresses its deepest anguish at the terrible plight faced by lakhs of people of Bhopal as a result of the effect of gas leak due to the criminal negligence of the American imperialist sharks followed by even more criminal negligence by successive governments led by the Congress and BJP. It demands that the assets of Dow Chemicals be confiscated and the criminal be forced to clean up the toxic material from the site of the UCIL, pay compensation to the 5 lakh victims, and the management be punished for continuing criminal negligence. It calls upon the people to realize that they can never obtain justice through so- called courts of law or from the traitorous ruling class parties whether it is the Congress, BJP or the so-called Left. 26 years is a sufficiently long period to grasp the fact that the existing exploitative system and its oppressive police, courts, jails, investigation agencies, etc are all at the service of the rich and the powerful. It can never deliver justice to the poor and helpless citizens of this country. Peaceful petitions, demonstrations, and other forms of struggle have not moved the rulers and their institutions to deliver justice to the victims. And there need be absolutely no illusion that they will. It is only a militant revolutionary struggle to overthrow this unjust cruel anti-people social system nurtured by the most reactionary parliamentary parties ruling our country, and usher in a just, equitable, genuine democratic order under people’s democratic governments in its place that can bring real justice to the toiling majority. To obtain justice in a system where the ‘rule of law’ protects a handful of the rich and powerful, it is necessary to advance the struggle from peaceful demonstrations to the boycott of all parasitic political parties and the corrupt civil administration, setting up our own administrative organs, and defending our basic rights through all forms of struggle including armed struggle. We appeal to all democratic forces to unite, oppose and militantly resist the continuous sell-out of the country’s interests to the imperialist sharks and a handful of comprador corporate houses by the Sonia-Man Mohan Singh government in Delhi and the saffron fascist, social fascist and other reactionary governments in the states. The time is running out.

Unless we act collectively and in a concerted manner against the disastrous policies pursued by the traitorous UPA government and the various state governments we cannot prevent entire India from becoming a Bhopal. Let us rise up as a collective fist to drive out the multinational companies from our soil and along with them sweep away the treacherous rotten regimes at the Centre and states that hobnob with them to plunder our country.