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The Collapse of Revisionism in Eastern Europe

An editorial analysing this extroordlnory turn of events answer the West's arrogant and hasty death sentence of 'communism' and the question this crisis sharpens up for all - what is socialism? it looks again at what Mao learned from both the positive and negative experience in the Soviet Union under Stalin. ond from the subsequent restoration of capitalism there, as well as the lessons he drew for China's revolution, including in the sphere of socialist construction, Rid of fake Marxism-Leninism, or 'real revisionism', the situation is complicated, but also favourable for smoking revolutionary inroads. The section also includes two important reprints from Mao and the Chinese Communists on socialism, commentaries by RIM organisations and sympathisers, a first-hand account from Romania, os well os on article on Ceausescu's downfall,


A recent speech by PCP Chairman Gonzalo on the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution analyses the for-reaching consequences of the Chinese revolution for world revolution. He tolks obout tle invinclbility ond vitolity of Moxism-LenlnivnMoolyn, proven bythe greot odvonces of the people's war in Peru, and discusses the countrywide seizure of power there.


A breath of fresh air comes with the formation of the organization of the Revolutionary Communists of Afghanistan (ORCA) through the merger of two Afghan communist organisations, An excerpt from the section on proletarian internationalism in the ORCAs founding document is reprinted in this issue.

The Collapse of Revisionism in Eastern Europe