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The U.S.- Led Aggressors Will Not Go Unpunished!

U.S. imperialism and its allies waged a vicious six- week war against Iraq. They tried to send a message of terror to the region and the whole world. But their claims that their high- tech military might has made them invincible are the snarlings of a paper tiger which has been, can be and will be defeated by revolutionary people's war.

Yankee Go Home!

1991 - Year of International Solidarity with the People's War in Peru! Today it is the people of Peru who are showing the whole world how the oppressed can successfully fight and defeat their enemies. The U.S. imperialists are stepping up their preparations for a big escalation in their intervention against the people's war led by the Communist Party of Peru. In this light, the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has designated 1991 a Year of International Solidarity with the People's War in Peru under the slogan, "Yankee Go Home!"


Images of Resistance

The Weapon of Criticism

Our Red Flag Is Flying in Peru