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Talk by PCP Chairman Gonzalo Speech given at a meeting held in conjunction with the rectification campaign carried out in 1991 by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). Here Comrade Gonzalo, chairman of the PCP, addresses questions of philosophy, China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the current political situation in Peru and the world, and the rectification campaign itself.

IEC Delegates Convene Successful Founding Conference With a bold internationalist spirit and surmounting many obstacles, the International Emergency Campaign to Defend the Life of Abimael Guzman (Chairman Gonzalo) successfully held its Founding Conference and forges a structure. AWTW analyzes various questions of debate within the IEC, as well as the activities and future of the worldwide campaign.

Chiang Ching Chiang Ching's little-told story is one of daring to go against the tide to make revolution - as a woman Communist leader and as the wife of Mao Tsetung. In a path-breaking new survey of the remarkable life and contributions of Chiang Ching, AWTW explores the trajectory of the Chinese revolution, retracing the steps of one of its outstanding leaders.

Celebrate the Mao Centenary!-Editorial Celebrate the Mao Centenary in an Unforgettable Way!


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Chiang Ching

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