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Rally to the Defence of Our Red Flag Flying in Peru!

Two years ago, after having already received a dramatic blow with the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, the Communist Party of Peru saw the eruption of a major two-line struggle within its ranks. A line arose calling for peace negotiations with the US-backed Fujimori regime and for abandoning the People's War led by the PCP. This line based itself on claims that the international conditions for revolution today are bleak, and that the difficulties posed by the capture of Chairman Gonzalo and changes in the situation in Peru are unsolvable. This Right Opportunist Line is an attempt to re-route the revolution in Peru onto the well-travelled dead-end path of reformism and capitulation. The attention of the world's revolutionaries has been focussed on this two-line struggle, which raises basic questions on the assessment of the current situation in Peru and internationally, of the capacity of the Party to maintain and advance the People's War, and of the very process by which revolution will advance through twists and turns to achieve ­final victory. The major documents of this struggle are gathered here so as to help turn this battle into a great school of revolution and to render the greatest support possible to the PCP and the People's War it is continuing to lead, as part of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement's worldwide campaign to "Rally to the Defence of Our Red Flag Flying in Peru!"


Call by RIM Committee

It Is Right to Rebel!

Two Documents from the Right Opportunist Line

RIM Committee