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Workers of All Countries, Unite!

An AWTW editorial leads off a section on the international communist movement (ICM) by reaffirming what unites the workers of the world and showing the need for an "International of a new type". It rejects views that would deprive the ICM of an organized centre, or that objectively promote unity against Maoism. (For cover photo captions see p. 74)


Thirty years ago the armed revolt of peasants in the area of Naxalbari ushered in a new chapter for the struggle of the masses in India. Led by Charu Mazumdar and other communist revolutionaries, the Naxalbari struggle constituted a dramatic break that transformed the political landscape in India.

People's Wars

People's Wars are simmering in Peru and Nepal. The Nepal People's War, in its second year, is sinking roots and spreading to new areas, amidst calls from reactionaries to bring in the army. In Peru, the PCP is proving its ability to maintain the 18-year-old War, despite the losses inflicted on its leadership and attacks on its line. Both show the power of Maoism, and are bright new bases for world revolution.


India Maoists on Naxalbari



RIM Committee