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Women - Slaves No More!

An AWTW editorial argues that, for Maoists, the participation of women has everything to do with the character of the revolution being waged. Only a revolution that aims at the abolition of all social divisions and inequalities can unleash women to play a full role in society. Also featured are reprints from Lenin and from the Chinese revolution, a report on an International Women’s Day Celebration by women from Afghanistan, and letters from readers.

Cutting Through the Darkness in Afghanistan

The battlefield of Afghanistan offers its own unique opportunities for revolutionary struggle – and the Maoists of the young Communist Party of Afghanistan are determined to seize on the turbulent conflicts ripping apart their country to forge a force capable of offering genuine hope for an alternative to both the medieval practices of the Islamic fundamenalists and the modern ­exploitation of the imperialists.

Persevering in People’s War in Nepal

As the People’s War in Nepal faces the biggest military operation in the country's history, General Secretary Prachanda of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) presents an overview of the results and prospects of two years of revolutionary war. Also featured is a document from the RIM Committee explaining why a participant in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the Nepal Communist Party (Mashal), has been expelled.



Peru: PCP Documents