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50 Years after the Chinese Victory Fifty years on, the historical magnitude of the victory of the People's War in China stands out all the more clearly. An AWTW editorial looks back at how Mao and the Chinese revolutionaries pioneered the path and practice that now serves as the basic model for freeing an oppressed country from the grip of imperialism. These lessons will strengthen the ability of those today who are determined to lead the masses in violently sweeping away the old world and beginning to construct the new one. An 18-page photo essay celebrates the courage and revolutionary determination of the Chinese masses who on 1 October 1949 did indeed "stand up".

NATO's Ugly War The world's media are trumpeting that the US/NATO's so-called moral war in the Balkans is the harbinger of a "new age" of "humanitarian intervention". Yet the way the US and its NATO allies are waging the war - with the biggest military alliance in human history pounding a small poor country from the safety of miles up in the air - and the hidden agenda for which they are actually fighting reveal that these "imperialist" humanitarians have very bloody fangs.

What Went Wrong with the Pol Pot Regime This article sets out to overthrow the reactionary consensus that uses the Pol Pot years in Cambodia to bolster the view that "the more radical the effort to change society, the more catastrophic the results". Instead, the policies and practice of the Khmer Rouge leadership are subjected to an in-depth examination from the standpoint of revolutionary Maoism, with some surprising conclusions.





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