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Three Decades Leading Battalions of India

Deep in the countryside, the Maoist Communist Centre of India has been organizing for years among the poorest of the worlds poor. The strongholds they have built in Jharkhand and adjoining states are now the eye of a rising storm of revolutionary war. The incorporation of MCCI into the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in 2001 represent a great step forward for the cause of proletarian revolution in India.

On the Struggle to Unite the Genuine Communists

Despite the obvious need for unity against the powerful, well-armed enemies of revolution, it has often proven difficult to unite the communist forces into a single vanguard party. The solution is not, however, programmers that gloss over differences in the search for some arithmetic unity around “common points”, but a dialectical processing the revolution of struggling to resolve the key issues facing the revolution in a spirit of unity-struggle-unity. This article reviews the rich but tortuous experience of the international communist movement to draw vital lessons for the struggle today.

Building Red Power in Nepal

As it struggles to advance the eight-years-old People’s War towards the seizure of nation-wide power, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is confronting complex and perilous challenges. An interlude of cease-fire in 2003 gave way to a new round of even more intense warfare. Today the People’s War is reaching new heights.

Empire in Turmoil, People in Motion

US Power and its Limits

RIM Circular