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The Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (CoRIM) is happy to announce the admission of two Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organisations from India as fall participants hi the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) — the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Naxalbari) (CPI(ML) (Naxalbari))[1] and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC)[2]

RIM is governed by organizational principles that are in keeping with its character as the embryonic centre of the world's Maoist forces and its task of struggling for the creation of a communist international of a new type. Admitting new participants into RIM is no light matter. While there is always great debate and struggle within RIM on questions of politics and ideology, participants must adhere to RIM's basic line as expressed in its Declaration and its document Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Participating in RIM means carrying out systematic revolutionary work and developing solid communist organization in a party's own country and fulfilling Lenin's instruction: "There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and this is—working wholeheartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one's own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception”.

Both of these organizations have had long, deep contacts with CoRIM and RIM parties and organizations. On the basis of this interaction and also in the course of joint revolutionary activities, RIM has determined that both of them meet the high standards for participation in RIM.

India is home to hundreds of millions of toiling workers and peasants who have long suffered under the weight of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. It is also a country with a glorious history of revolutionary struggle, including most notably the Naxalbari movement, which lit the sparks of people's war in India that communist revolutionaries have struggled and sacrificed to spread. Fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the Indian people for liberation depends on uniting all of the genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces into a single proletarian vanguard party, guided by a correct revolutionary line and tightly united in RIM. The complexities of the revolutionary process in India, including its vast size, the history of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement and other factors, make the forging of such a single vanguard party no easy matter. We are convinced that the admission of the CPI (ML) (Naxalbari) and the MCC as participants of RIM will spur this process onward.

There are a number of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organizations in India that are still not part of RIM. This includes comrades who have been fighting heroically against the enemy for many years and have paid a heavy price for their courageous revolutionary stand. CoRIM has had good relations with some of these forces, and we have learnt from them and will continue to discuss and struggle with them. We are confident that, over time, these comrades will also come to fully appreciate the need for a viable centre for the world's Maoist forces and will join together with us in building RIM and fighting for a new communist international.

We consider the incorporation of the MCC and the CPI (ML) (Naxalbari) into RIM a great victory for our Movement and a great step forward for the cause of proletarian revolution in India.

Naxalbari Zindabad Forward towards a United Proletarian

Vanguard Party in India!

Red Salute to the Struggle in Andhra, Bihar and Dandakaranya!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Long Live RIM!
  1. the former Central Reorganisation Committee of the CPI(ML), itself one of a number of centres that emerged from the CPI(ML) founded by Charu Mazumdar in 1970. The CRC had been a founding participant of RIM in 1984. The CPI(ML)(Naxalbari) includes comrades who had waged straggle against opportunist positions of the CRC at different stages and, over a lengthy period of struggle and realignment, joined forces to form a new centre of the CPIfML). See AWTW2000/ 26 for further information on the ideological and political positions of this organisation and its historical development The CPI(ML)(Naxalbari) has been a candidate participant in RIM since the former's formation.
  2. The MCC was formed in 1969 in the course of the Naxalbari movement, as part of a general trend to break with the revisionist positions of the Communist Party of India and the CPI(Marxist). From early on, the MCC comrades integrated with the masses of poor and landless peasants, at first in the Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal, and led the masses in carrying forward armed struggle against the local feudal goons and, increasingly, the armed forces of the reactionary state. Although the MCC previously did not have formal organisational links to RTM, in the last few years a period of vigorous discussion and struggle has taken place between the MCC and CoRTM over cardinal questions of ideological and political line, and there has been increasing practical co-operation between the MCC and the RIM parties and organisations in the South Asian region.