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Cladestinity is an indispensable condition for the survival of a political-military organization that operates within the imperialist metropolises. The condition of clandestinity does not prevent the organization from taking internal lines to the forces of the area of ​​workers' autonomy. In addition to the condition of absolute clandestinity, therefore, in our experience there is a second condition in which the militnte, although belonging to the organization, operates in the affair, and is therefore forced to appear and move in the political forms that the moimento assumes in legality. This second type of clandestine militancy from a political point of view is the basis for the construction of the articulations of revolutionary power; from a military point of view it is the foundation of the development of workers and popular militias. Operating from clandestine law allows for a decisive tactical advantage over the enemy who speaks instead of being exposed in his men in the installations. This is canceled when the clandestinity is intended in a purely defensive sense. The defensive conception of clandestinity implies or hides the illusion that the clash between boghesia and the proletariat ultimately plays on the political terrain rather than on that of the war and that the military aspects are basically only tactical aspects of suport. The political work of each partner takes place within a column. All political relations must therefore be monitored and evaluated. [... ] You should never go to an appointment or do a particular job without someone else from the organization being aware of it. In particular, for contacts with new external elements, a prior discussion with the managers of the column is necessary. It is also necessary to discuss the need to prepare appropriate security measures for the case. Each contact must be adjusted according to a pre-established way. In case you miss an appointment it must be automatically fixed another permanent recovery. This standard can be used as a security measure, especially if a relationship has not yet been fully verified. You can specifically skip an appointment and send a fellow patrolling the area. The meeting places must therefore be previously studied and known in detail. Each place must have the following characteristics: be controllable and admit any retreat verified and prepared [...] Traveling avoiding any occasion of dispute; drive with extreme caution and full respect of the highway code. It is necessary to arrive a little early in the appointments in order to scour the area and to avoid being seen with your car parked taking into account the possibility of an escape. Every militant must have his meeting places. It's part of his job. It is also necessary to avoid repeating appointments in the same places or at least varying them with a certain frequency. Public parks, very crowded places, should be avoided close to banks or militarized institutions. It is preferable to avoid the more militarized centers and meet in the hinterland.


  1. Do not take if they concern the organization and its life: they are memorized.
  2. They are valid for all the general analyzes, avoiding to indicate names, places and determining situations.
  3. Do not forget them, do not take them with you into action.
  4. Provate them only in case of real necessity.
  5. You must not include addresses or telephone numbers.


  1. Avoid discussions about the life of the organization - even with mates - outside the appropriate locations.
  2. In public places, when you are among mates, you avoid pre or post meetings: this species near the headquarters.
  3. Set out from the hypothesis that all the phones are controlled and therefore limit their use to short communications.


Even the car is good that the organization gives to the companion. He is therefore responsible for its maintenance. The documents of the machine must be carefully checked at the time of delivery to check for any imperfections. They must also be periodically checked bearing in mind the various deadlines of the stamps, the driving license. The car inside must be ordered. There must be no accumulated newspapers of any kind, flyers or paper. Every evening you need to remove the radio or tape player, or anything that can attract the attention of the thieves. The machine must not be lent to anyone except in cases of urgent or exceptional cases. [...] It must become the habit of every companion to often look at the rearview mirror of the machines. In particular, whenever you get home or go to any organization, you need to make sure you are not followed. It is good to take the habit of doing some vicious rounds specifically designed to verify safely not to be tracked

  1. Do not park them near the seats.
  2. In any case, the machine, even in action, must contain only the minimum necessary mechanical tools useful for its and our actual operation.
  3. Set out from the hypothesis that the machine can be searched or inspected at any time.
  4. Not always the car is the best means of shelter.
  5. The new machines should not be registered to the companions.
  6. What stamp and license are always in order and the machine in perfect efficiency.
  7. The mates must always know the name of the borrowed car owner.


"The house is a good organization that is entrusted with the militant: it must be managed according to precise rules, mandatory, equal for all. Each house must be attended only by militants who live there and known by another member of the organization or column previously designated. The latter must go to the house only for reasons of particular necessity. It is obvious, but unfortunately necessary, to reiterate that no one else (family members, legal partners and brigades) must know either the house or the area where it is located. The technique of bringing a partner into his blindfolded frame should be reviewed and used only in cases of absolute emergency. [... ] The road must lend itself to easy control by the militant and an uncovered control by the power; that is, it should not be close to bars, public places of various kinds: shops, institutions, warehouses. When a partner takes possession of an organization's house, his first task is to build himself, even in the smallest details, as a well-defined social figure. He decides to introduce himself as a Fiat worker, or as a professor, or as a representative. [...] The role that each partner has assumed must then manifest itself consistently in his everyday life. [...] If, for example, he assumed the role of a craftsman, he would have to leave the house before eight o'clock in the morning and not return until 12.30, succeed at 14 and return and at 19 or later. This means that every partner must organize his / her work (appointments, inquiries) according to specific times [...] Except in exceptional cases every militant must return home by midnight. If it is not strictly necessary, meals will consume them at home. [...] It must be said that the role assumed by each partner must be carefully studied in order to justify the possible irregularity of their behavior. In principle each militant must appear reassuring and kind to the neighbors, but strict confidentiality is absolutely necessary.

  1. Do not keep in the house anything of the organization and of the comrades: the material must be delivered to Z (is responsible for the colonnamenti of the single column) for centralization.
  2. Set out from the hypothesis that the house can be searched and inspected at all times. In case of a search, first ask your legal counsel, who has the right to assert you.
  3. As in public places, do not take provocative and disturbing attitudes.
  4. For those who move, choose stable with intercom, to avoid unnecessary costs of concierge.


Each companion must be decently dressed and tidy in the person: beard made, hair cut. It is good to run with no more than two documents, that is the driving license and an identity card not tied to anything. One must have with him only the material strictly necessary for the work he is conducting. Every soldier must bring his own weapon. [...] In case of arrest, the general information of the document in possession is immediately written. The generality is declined only before the magistrate. Every militant must refuse to answer any kind of question. The claim of one's political identity is a subsequent fact that will possibly be agreed with the organization. [...] In recognition, if you are arrested, it is good to be able to exchange places with any carabiniere next door, because often the recognition is already established. [...] In every hour the enemy can identify a base, at each appointment the companion can be stalked, the shot can arrive at any time, all night and all day. In case of arrest, always deny. Experience shows that the enemy is unlikely to be able to hit as we move into action, while more frequently he launches attacks into the organization's snag. [... ] In the relations with the families the political times of the organization's work must be kept in mind. Before and after the actions, big or small, they can not be related. When repression strikes the legal areas it is necessary to keep in the most absolute far away. We must take care to build alibi resistant to lawyers, if you spend a period of time with them. [...] For clandestine work we mean the consolidation of a material economic, military and logistic base that guarantees full autonomy to our organization and constitutes a strategic background to work among the masses. [...] It is very important for the organization to be able not to be photographed or even resume on TV. Often these facts have caused the fall of the organization's structures.

  1. Always carry an identification document that must be presented on request. In case of refusal, you will be accompanied to the police headquarters for signs.
  2. Check the passport deadline and keep it updated. Who did not have it right away.
  3. Companions with a criminal record can check their position by request for a certificate.
  4. The notebook of the telephone numbers and the names of the companions must be abolished: the corresponding numbers are on the telephone directory, those in current use are memorized; those that do not appear on the judas and that are not memorized, are personally encrypted and written on a piece of paper.
  5. Appointment agendas are allowed as long as the sheets of expired appointments are destroyed; we recommend the use of weekly cards.
  6. The organization's addresses must be delivered to Z for centralization.
  7. To start from the hypothesis that the habit does not make the monk.


Relationships with legality are the weakest point of all our work. The peripheral encirclement takes place in fact from those legal areas that are suspected of being in contact with the organization: wives, families, political avant-gardes that expose themselves. We must assume that starting from these points in the enemy will try to reach the illegal mates. It is therefore necessary to regulate these relationships in the most rigid way.

  1. With the external world we must acquire a dimension of "autonomy" by placing a barrier between ourselves and others.
  1. Rest your own dangerous past.


For no reason the comrades of the regular forces must attend the houses of the irregular companions or of militants not completely outside the organization. 1.With these comrades the discussion only concerns general analyzes and strategy. No reference should be made to the organization.


  1. Each partner must be able to grasp, evaluate and verify (near the house, the seat or when he is in the car) all the anomalous situations (spies, posts, suspicious machines, etc.) and must indicate all the possible data to Z. The suspects must be verified in order to avoid unnecessary alarming tensions; this also applies to possible news of stops, etc. Dialect comrades, searches of houses or locations and the arrival of fascists.
  1. These notes are not enough to have them in your pocket or on your head: they must be assimilated and used in practice from now on. Then they are destroyed. EVERY LIGHTNESS IS THE BEGINNING OF A BETRAY. ALSO WITHOUT PAYING WE CAN WE BE BEHAVIORED BY SPICES AND DELICATORS. THE RESULT DOES NOT CHANGE: YOU WILL PAY CARA.