The Mass Line and the American Revolutionary Movement

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  1. /Preface/
  2. /Introduction/
  3. /From the Masses, To the Masses/
  4. /A Quick Overview of the Mass Line/
  5. /Misconceptions and Distortions of the Mass Line/
  6. /Who Are the Masses?/
  7. /Have Faith in the Masses/
  8. /The Initiative, Creativity and Ideas of the Masses/
  9. /The Masses Too Have Shortcomings/
  10. /The Spontaneity of the Masses/
  11. /The Proletarian Party and the Masses/
  12. /Agitation and Propaganda/
  13. /Leadership of the Masses: Bourgeois and Proletarian/
  14. /Methods of Leadership and the Mass Line/
  15. /The Three Component Parts of the Mass Line/
  16. /The Mass Line Method—Gathering the Ideas of the Masses/
  17. /The Mass Line Method—Processing the Ideas of the Masses/
  18. /The Scope of the Mass Line/
  19. /Strategy, Tactics and the Mass Line/
  20. /The Mass Line, Reformist Struggle and the Revolutionary Goal/
  21. /Objective Conditions and the Mass Line/
  22. /The Mass Line Method—Returning the Line to the Masses/
  23. /The Mood of the Masses/
  24. /Mass Combativity/
  25. /The Masses’ Own Experience/
  26. /Stay Close to the Masses/
  27. /The Masses in Their Millions/
  28. /The Mass Line and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat/
  29. /The Mass Line and Proletarian Democracy/
  30. /The Mass Line and Democratic Centralism/
  31. /The Mass Line and the Theory of Knowledge/
  32. /What Contradictions Does the Mass Line Resolve?/
  33. /The Origin and Development of the Mass Line/
  34. /Traditional Reactionary Attitudes Towards the Masses/
  35. /Bourgeois Views of the Mass Line/
  36. /Can the Bourgeoisie Use the Mass Line?/
  37. /Soviet Revisionism and the Mass Line/
  38. /Chinese Revisionism and the Mass Line/
  39. /The Mass Line and the Political Economy of Socialism/
  40. /The Mass Line and “Transitional” Demands/
  41. /The Mass Line and the American Revolutionary Movement/
  42. /The Present Attitude of the RCP Towards the Mass Line/
  43. /Revolutionary Primitivism and the Masses/
  44. /Conclusion/
  45. /Appendix: Chinese Name/
  46. /Bibliograph/