1972 - On Election

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Mir Jafar (Historic National traitor of Bengal who in 1757 in collusion with British bandits, made the war between Bengal-Bihar-Odhisha kingdom vs British Bandits a farce resulting defeat of Bengali side) of East Bengal, the six mountains’ lackey Awami League have passed the constitution through their so called Parliamentarians in a fascist manner, and thereafter they have dissolved parliament, formed interim ministry and took the program of holding new election.

The reason they have dissolved parliament and scheduled election is as follows:

Mass discontent against the six mountains’ lackey Awami League fascist Government is bursting out in severe rage and rapidly being raised to the stage of Armed Struggle.

By making election hoax, this is conspiracy to trap people in the blind path of parliament.

  • The Awami League fascists are loosing popularity rapidly and getting isolated from people.

They are giving election in fear that if it is late they will not get any vote at all.

  • The contradiction between on the one side US imperialism and on the other side the Soviet Social Imperialism and Indian expansionism is being reflected inside Awami League.

This is why Students League, Workers League, Peasants League have got divided (Those are wings of Awami League – Sarbaharapath).

This contradiction exists in Awami League too.

The principal aspect of the contradiction inside Awami League is the Lackeys of Soviet-India.

They want to keep East Bengal as a colony of India and a resource for the Soviet to plunder.

On the other side, the US led imperialist lackeys inside Awami League wants to make East Bengal a US led imperialist colony.

The biting of each other between the two camps and serious unpopularity of the so called parliament members is the cause behind dissolving parliament and scheduling new election.

The contradiction between two camps is reflecting in election too.

Conspiracy is being made as a way to establish domination of one by another, that is, as a way to defeat one side by another to capture power.

Thus, in final analysis, election will intensify the inner contradiction and conflict among them.

  • As a preparation of the election, they have intensified fascist repression on opposition parties because they are afraid of going out of power.

As a consequence of that, they are making fascist trick to start mass arrest and massacre.

Under the colonial-feudal state system, Kaji-Rono, Deben-Basar etc clique, the ‘C’ and ‘D’ team of Awami League, are conspiring to participate in election led by Vasani. They are openly opposingg armed struggle.

By taking part in election, the Moni Singh-Mojaffar revisionists will clearly introduce themselves as ‘B’ team of six mountains’ lackeys.

The Proletarian party of East Bengal and other genuine revolutionary and patriots will oppose the farcical election and strengthen armed struggle for independence and democracy.