1973 - Circular No.1 Of The Chairman Of The Supreme Commanders Of The Armed Patriotic Force Of East Bengal

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In order to lead Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal from a single military command, Supreme Commanders and Supreme commander-in-Chief has been appointed.

The whole East Bengal has been divided into several military sectors by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Patriotic Force.

Sector commanders and Political Commissars are being appointed in these military sectors.

Sector commanders will carry military activities of own sectors.

Sector Commanders will divide their own administered region into some sub sectors and appoint sub sector commanders and political commissars.

it should be approved by Supreme Commander-in-Chief and Political Commissar.

At present, to carry any big economic or military operation in any military sector, it needs to be applied to Supreme Commander-in-Chief and it will require his/her written approval.

At present, any military/economic operation in any region under the sector needs written approval of sector commander.

At present enemy is in the stage of Strategic offensive and we are in the stage of Strategic Defense. Enemy’s strategic offense will go until the rainy season. In rainy season, enemy will enter in strategic defense and preservation while we will enter in strategic offense and development stage.

therefore, in order to initiate our Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive, sector commanders must complete the following preparations before the rainy season, that is, before the end of Bengali Jaistha month:

○ Appointing sub sector commanders and political commissars;

○ Forming Guerrilla Groups and appointing Commanders and Commissars;

○ Solving courier and means of communication and transport;

○ Fill the gaps among sub sectors [fill the geographic gaps among regions (that is, some villages, Thanas or Unions)]

○ Keep arms cautiously and collect arms (by buying or in exchange collecting from cadres) and distribute those to every sub sectors;

○ Improve standard of guerrillas, commissars and commanders;

– complete campaign of ideological standard improvement—rectification campaign;

– Political standard;

– Organizational standard;

– Military Standard;

○ Appointing Armed Propaganda Team;

Etc. work should be done before the rainy season starts so that we can initiate strategic attack in the rainy season.

everyone should be abstain from such activities that may hinder the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

We must seriously be abstain from making loss of good guerrilla, commissar, commander, arms and also from creating severe pressure on region.

Office of Chairman of Armed Patriotic Force