1973 - Circular On Giving Punishment Inside Party

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If any one of the following crimes is proved, the criminal can be given capital punishment. Sub-sector commanders will be able to implement this article in following way:

– Crime investigation, taking witness and evidence

– If possible, take permission from higher level

– In case criminal may fly, then it will not need permission from higher level, but as soon as possible it should be approved by higher level

– If criminal do not fly but make appeal to higher level by agreeing to stay in our custody (this article will not be applicable in case of there is any possibility that the criminal’s fleeing may inflict serious security problem, or there is no real situation to keep him/her in custody), do not give him/her capital punishment but send the case to higher level (by keeping the criminal in safe custody). In that case, decision of higher level wil be final.


1. To steal money and valuable assets of party

2. To do decoity with party’s arms

3. To rape and abduct women

4. To steal party’s arms

5. Work as enemy agent and betray

6. Make arrest, willingly annihilate or make that happen by anyone

7. Crimes of clique