1973 - Communique Of The Ninth Plenum Of The 1St Central Committee

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The ninth plenum of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal held successfully. All the members of the Central Committee were present and the Chairman of the Central Committee presided over the meeting.

1) Meeting reviewed the communique of the 8th Plenum of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal and accepted it with some amendments.

The meeting called upon to continue to carry on the efforts of materializing the decisions of 8th Plenum.

2) The meeting reviewed the document of the Central Committee “The Victory of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is inevitable” published on the occasion of the second anniversary of the formation of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

It is a historic document including summation of important experiences of party. All levels of party are called upon to apply the subjective matters of the document. Meeting accepted the document.

3) The ideological, organizational and military preparation for carrying Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive has completed or is being completed. Meeting discussed that.

Cadres have achieved ideological preparation on some points through rectification movement, anti-clique struggle, anti-dogmatic struggle and study conferences. In order to continuously carry that ideological struggle, the movement of transforming idea, correcting working style and learning from Comrade Siraj Sikder must be carried throughout the whole Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

Our correct political line, high conscience of people, their militancy against government, isolation of enemy from people, enemies’ own internal contradiction, isolation of India and Soviet internationally, line of National Liberation Front to unify broad masses, line of unification of genuine proletarian revolutionaries, bankruptcy of various forms of revisionists and reformists and huge propaganda made our wonderful political preparation.

Struggle against faction and smashing it, strengthening single center, eliminating dirt and taking the green, organizational consolidation, alleviation of shortage of cadres, formation of National Liberation Front, work in wide range of areas one after another with any gap, work in cities and countryside, secret working-method, combination of open work with secret work and intellect of functioning organization in developer method have made wonderful preparations.

Formation of Supreme Commanders’ Council of the Armed Patriotic Force, division into various sectors, military formation, and presence of experienced military leadership in various regions, evaluation of strategic situation, presence of arms and guerrillas and military thoughts expressed through Armed Propaganda Team and important documents have made wonderful military preparations.

4) Important documents are: Circular of the Chairman of Supreme Commanders’ Council of the Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal, Decision given by Comrade Shahin Alom (an organizational name of Comrade Siraj Sikder—Sarbaharapath) after meeting with In-Charge comrades of the Special Military Region, Fifth decision approved by In-Charge of Bureau No.1, Decision given by In-Charge of Bureau No.1 after meeting with In-Charge comrades of the regions under 1-A Sub Bureau and Some Points on Economic Operation.

Meeting accepted those documents.

Meeting approved program and declaration of National Liberation Front and decision of forming it.

5) Meeting accepted call of asking for application for membership/applicant membership. Meeting extended the time limit for submitting application for two months (that is, 15 August 1972).

6) Meeting accepted following documents:

– How to accomplish a task

– Some Points on Criticism-Self-Criticism

– On Unity (Cyclostyle)

– News Bulletin (Cyclostyle)

The subscription receipt of the Proletarian Party is incomplete. The opposite page of receipt should be reprinted with writings or correct it by hand writing.

7) Decision regarding Armed Propaganda Team is being appreciated everywhere as an historic epoch-making decision. Meeting calls upon to carry activities of Armed Propaganda Team everywhere in East Bengal.

8) Meeting granted the directives, appointments and decisions given by Chairman.

9) All the resolutions were unanimously accepted in the meeting.

10) Meeting concluded successfully by scheduling the date of the next meeting.