1973 - Resolutions After Meeting With Sector Commanders Under Special Military Region

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[Before the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive of 1973, a special military region was formed comprising greater Barisal, Faridpur and Munsiganj districts. This article was published in mid 1973 after the meeting with the sector commanders of that special region–Sarbahara path]

1) Target of Rainy Seasonal strategic offensive and armed struggle is:

– Liberate rural areas from national enemies.

– Carry massive propaganda.

– Build huge organizations

– Solve financial problems

– Seize and set free some market place, Police Posts and finally some Police Stations. This time it is not the target to wage big war or defeating enemies.

2) When caring the strategic offensive:

– Develop in vast region without any gap. If there is any gap, fill that.

– Build shelter. If that is unorganized, keep continuing organizing that.

– Solve how to manage gathering of guerrillas of different regions.

– Keep continue to help developing in strategic areas (by giving cadres, arms and money),so that during the winter defense, those can be used as retreat area.

– Build Naval Guerrillas

– Develop Radio communication System for better inter-regional communication.

3) Excessively Strengthen Propaganda System. Excessively Activate Armed Propaganda Team.

Also make massive propaganda among Police, BDR, East Bengal Regiment and Raxi Bahini [Raxi Bahini was a genocidal counterrevolutionary paramilitary force of Awami regime to confront Maoist Revolutionaries – Sarbaharapath]. The aim of that propaganda will be to inspire them in patriotism, inactivate them and motivate them to surrender.

4) Start massive All-out attack.

Start attack through national enemy annihilation [higher level’s permission will be needed for complex operation of national enemy annihilation], seize smaller Police Outposts and Market places, seize some Police Stations and carry Ambush (it will need permission from higher levels).

In order to train guerrillas, carry activities in those areas which we will not seize. Be cautious to not bring enemy pressure to those enemy positions which we will seize.

After completing training session, seize weaker enemy positions.

It makes a contradiction that on the one hand training is necessary while on the other, it results enemy positions stronger. Solve that contradiction through above mentioned way.

5) To start all-out strategic offensive:

– Form guerrilla groups.

– Distribute arms (test those if not tested).

– Train.

– Manage transport.

– Establish courier center. Manage courier. Establish center of leadership.

– Manage Medical Treatment.

6) Solve financial problems

– Confiscate properties of national enemies

– Give them punishment and collect fine

– Sell seized goods

– Seize market places and towns

– Take subscription from cadres, sympathizers, supporters and surrendered enemies regularly.

– Take subscription from people.

7) Call people to surrender all arms:

– Recover

– Seize by carrying operation

8) Inform through Propaganda Team about punishments

Accept surrender from all accept those who are severely hated by people. Inform people about the later. Take money and other subscriptions from the surrendered.

9) Forge guerrilla company

→Sector Commander

Sub Sector Commander



1st Platoon


3rd ↓

Guerrilla Group

1st Guerrilla Group

2ndGuerrilla Group


Number of People in Company:

○Each Guerrilla Grup—5/9 persons

○Each Platoon— 5/9×3 = 15/27 Persons

○Each company—15/27×3 = 45/81 Persons

Weapons in Company:

○Each Guerilla Group—3 or more 303, 1 SLR or G-3

○Each Platoon—1 Stain

○Each Company—1 LMG, 1 Revolver or Pistol

Total Weapons

LMG – 1

Revolver or Pistol – 1

Stain – 1

SLR or G-3 – 9

303 – 27

10)How to train guerrillas:

– Give commanders and Commissars from inexperienced regions with experienced ones to carry operation.

– Give arms training

– Read them military documents

– Teach them about investigation, plan, actual annihilation, how to make summation and how to make operation sheet etc.

After a few days duration call them or go yourself to make summation or guide them.

11)Resist loss of such guerrillas at present who are able to be commander

12)Text Book:

People’s War, Read all the commanders and commissars military documents of party. Apart from those, read sector, sub-sector and company commanders problems of strategy in Chinese Revolutionary War and Problems of Strategy in Guerrilla war against Japan from Six Military Writings.

13)Provide circular to guerrillas from supreme directors.

14)Forge Regular Guerrilla Unit

15)Forge capable leadership to carry interregional combined work. Build shelters.


○ Propagate that Armed Patriotic Force is carrying National Liberation War under the leadership of Front

○ Proletarian Party joined the front. Call others to join it

○ Popularize leadership of front

○ The US lackey JASAD (National Socialist Party) is trying to take the opportunity of wonderful revolutionary domestic situation.

Unmask Jasad by not making its supporters and people annoyed to us. Make public opinion and documents following the below points:

– They are accepting independence of East Bengal. That is, they want to accept slavery to Indian Expansionism, especially its US section.

They want to capture East Bengal by foreign, especially US help and transform it to a US colony.

– They propagate religious sectarianism.

– Under their rule, country will not have any change.