1974 - Condolence Message Of Comrade Siraj Sikder On The Heroic Sacrifice Of Comrade Rafiq

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Comrade Rafiq was a heroic fighter of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal. He showed heroic spirit in the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense of the last and present year. Unhesitatingly, he carried the responsibility party gave him. Being fearless in sacrifice for the sake of emancipation of the country, nation, people and proletariat, he never vacillated to fight the enemy.

We are deeply shocked at the untimely death of a promising guerrilla commander like him.

Comrade Rafiq embraced the heroic death by serving the people. So, his death is heavier than Himalayas.

By following the great example of comrade Rafiq and other martyrs, we must firmly fight the enemy, defeat and smash it and bring emancipation for country, nation, people and proletariat.

Hence, we have to materialize the dream of comrade Rafiq and other martyrs and make their sacrifice a success.