2002 – The Life and the Struggle of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

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The life of the communist leader and comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was very short. He only lived to be 24-years-old.

He was murdered on the 18th of May 1973 in the torture dungeons of Diyarbakir, brutally cut into pieces by the fascist police of Turkey. He was tortured exactly 3 months until he died.

His life was very short but he was able to create a tradition for real communists held in the torture chamber. “You give your life but not a secret,” and even until today this tradition continues.

That means that he never really died: his spirit still lives on because the struggle continues. This struggle is a part of proletarian internationalism.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was the first person that ever went up to say that “Kemalism maybe in words means democracy, but in its practice it means fascism,” during a time where everyone believed that Atatürk was an anti-imperialist who created the republic of Turkey.

Because of this, Kaypakkaya was also able to define that there is not just only the Turkish nation but also the Kurdish nation and opened the chapter for the National question in Turkey.

He also never believed that Soviet-Russia was still Communist or even socialist anymore. He believed that it had become a social-imperialist Country. He studied Chairman Mao and so was able to layout the social-economy for Turkey because it is a semi-feudal and semi-colonial Country. In the end he knew that the only way to liberate this Country was People's War. These are the special sides of leader and comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.

After splitting from the revisionist İşçi Parti (Workers Party) he founded on the 24th of April 1972 the Turkish Communist Party Marxist-Leninist.

Another biography –-

I. KAYPAKKAYA is founder of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist Leninist (TKP/ML). The TKP/ML was founded by I. Kaypakkaya and a group of comrades in April 1972, as a result of the Paris Commune, Great October Revolution, New Democratic Revolution in China and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism science entered the class struggle specific to Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan.

He is undaunted follower of the masters of international proletariat, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, the obstinate militant, the ideological, political, practical leader of our country's revolutionary movement and architect of the New Democratic Revolution and Socialism which will be established in our country.

He, with great creativity, applied the universal science of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM) to the concrete conditions of Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan. Inspired by the Paris Commune, Great October Revolution of 1917, Chinese Democratic Revolution of 1949 and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, he was the first to form a communist party in the form of MLM. This formed party is Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist Leninist (TKP/ML) which has taken the MLM science as a guide in Turkey and T. Kurdistan.

I. Kaypakkaya was murdered on 18th of May 1973 under months of torture following his seizure in February 1973 after an armed clash with the army of the fascist Turkish state. Kaypakkaya did not conciliate to the enemy despite the continuous tortures by the CIA specialist and their collaborationists and defeated the enemy where it saw itself to be most powerful. He continuously shouted his unjolted devotion to MLM science, to the international proletariat, to the oppressed peoples of the world, to his party and his comrades while under intense torture. Kaypakkaya means, unjolted devotion to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, political-ideological stableness and a symbol of resistance in dungeons for the world communists and revolutionaries.

Kaypakkaya was a very rarely seen, undaunted student of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Chairman Mao, the universal masters of the international proletariat and the most decisive and unwavering follower of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which expressed the highest point reached in the history of world proletarian revolutions.

Besides decisively fighting against imperialism, social imperialism, fascism, feudalism, comprador capitalism and every kind of reactionism, Kaypakkaya struggled uncompensatingly, in theory and in practice, with revisionism, Trotskyism, reformism, euro-communism, opportunism and all kinds of anti-MLM currents and lines and most correctly superimposed MLM to every condition and represented this most decisively under all conditions.

He was the first to analyse Kemalism, which has a very serious and deep influence over the revolutionary movement of Turkey, and the Kemalist state constructed on the Kemalist political and ideological ground and exposed its true face to the working class and oppressed people of Turkey and T. Kurdistan. He was the one to condemn Kemalism on concrete cases by proving how racist, chauvinist and how barbaric and genocidal it was towards others outside his race and class.

Kaypakkaya is the first person to creatively apply the universal principle of MLM regarding the national question “the right to determine their own fate” to the Kurdish national question, the nation where complete national rights have for years been seized by the ruling class and which are under a status of dependent nation in our country. Due to the dominant Kemalist influence over the revolutionary movement of Turkey he condemned all kinds of attacks directed at him over this question by basing himself on MLM science.

He was the first to take a decisive conduct against reformism, revisionism, modern-revisionism, class-collaborationist theories, the political-ideological activity of social-imperialism, pacifism, which for more than 50 years has been dominant over the revolutionary movement in Turkey. He was first to condemn and submit them to criticism in a scientific manner.