2005 - Message of condolence to the Maoist Communist Party (Turkey-North Kurdistan) (MCP)

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By the International Department

Central Committee


In behalf of the entire membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, we express our profound condolences to the Maoist Communist Party [Turkey-North Kurdistan] (MKP) for the tragic death of General Secretary Cafer Cang”z, the Deputy General Secretary and 15 other comrades in the hands of Turkish fascist troops. This is a great loss not only for your Party but for the Turkish people in their struggle for national and social liberation against the imperialists and their local reactionary puppets.

It is clear from reports that the comrades were attacked with disproportionate force with the enemy using three attack helicopters and more than one thousand troops against the small contingent of proletarian revolutionaries. The high-tech weapons and devices that the Turkish troops used to detect and attack the comrades underscores the support given by the US imperialists to the fascist puppet regime in Turkey.

But Mao said: The people, not things, are decisive. It is the people, their determination to fight and win, and not high-tech weapons that will decide the outcome of the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution. This has been shown in the defeat the US imperialists suffered in Indochina and elsewhere. Today they are receiving lethal blows from the heroic armed resistance of the Iraqi people.

We join you in mourning the death of the leading comrades of your Party. But we also know that their deaths are not in vain. Their sacrifice will inspire the people to fight even harder. And we are certain that in the end the people will prevail.

Down with imperialism and all reaction!

Advance the struggle for national independence, democracy and social liberation through people's war!

Long live the memory of Comrade Cang”z and the other revolutionary martyrs!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!