2010 - Condemn and raise your voice of protest against the genocidal & fascist “Operation Green Hunt”

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30 January, 2010

Condemn and raise your voice of protest against the genocidal & fascist “Operation Green Hunt”, which is being carried out by Indian govt. for the purpose to distroy the revolutionary struggle and revolutionary power of freedom loving people of India.

Congress govt. of India, the so-called campaigner of democracy, has started a barbarian suppression campagin in the name of “Operation Green Hunt” under the supervision of military and paramilitary forces across nearly one-third of the country including vast regions of Chhattishgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh, Andhra, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal state of India dominated by aborigines since 1st November of last year, in which assembled the parties of bourgeoisie ruling class-- Hinduist BJP and false leftist CPM. The aim of this suppresion campaign is to distroy People’s War, ie. revolutionary struggle of oppressed people under the leadership of CPI(Maoist) and to uproot the revolutionary peoples power established in vast rural areas.

For this, Indian govt. has deployed more than one lakh military and paramilitary forces, such as – CRPF, Cobra, C-60, Grey Hound, ITBF, Anti-Naxal force (ANSF), and helicopters of Indian Air Force (IAF) in this region. Central govt. has allocated 73,000 crore rupees for this campaign. Moreover, helicopters of Indian Air Force and American satellite technology are being used for detection of the position of Maoist military force PLGA.

Before this “Operation Green Hunt”, BJP-led Chattishgarh state govt. and Indian state, by the backing of central Congress gov, conducted so-called “SALWA JUDUM” campaign to distroy Maoists since 2005. In that “SALWA JUDUM” campaign govt. supported notorious civil hooligan “People’s militia” force which had killed more than 1000 aborigine people from 2005 to Nov, 2009. This hoologan force made no hisitation to cut the breast of 60 years old woman and to cut the tongue of 2 years old baby. They have raped innumerable aborigine women . Even they have killed many of them by burning after rape.They have made homeless 3 lakhs inhabitant in the district of Datewada only and have burnt 700 villages. Despite these, “SALWA JUDUM” campaign had failed. State could not uproot People’s War and revolutionary struggle conducted by Maoists, rather Maoist forces and liberated areas have spread many more.

In this condition, Indian state govt. and parties, the interest keeper of big bourgeoise and imperialist MNCs (multi-national company) became frightened. They became afraid of the posibility of more insurrections of oppressed people and more expansion of liberated areas, ie. of gaining force of world socialist movement again. They entered in the field desperately with biger, more brutal and more long-lasting plan to desperate to distroy the revolution of the people.

Now a part of this, they have started campaign named “Green Hunt” all over India. Although time was fixed one year for uprooting the Maoists earlier, now the time has been fixed 5 years for “Green Hunt”. And for this, a brigade headquarter of army is being constructed in Bilashpur of Jharkhand. Aborigine inhabitants of nine villages have been driven away for this. And military air base is being constructed in Rajnandangaon of Chhattishgarh state. Aborigines of seven villages have been eradicated for that.

Aborigine-dominated dense forests and hills are store of rare minerals. Bureaucrat- comprador bourgeoise class of India has signed many many agreements with imperialist MNCs for plundering and looting these minerals. But Maoists have made resistance by organizing aborigine peoples against these plundering and looting. And so, imperialists and Indian bureaucrat-comprador class jointly have started “Operation Green Hunt” for uprooting Maoists now.

  • Sheikh Hasina, the Prime minister of our country is expressing joy after signing three agreements and some MoU (Memorendum of Understanding) with this fascist genocidal Indian govt. recently. Birds of a feather flock together. (All thieves are cousins). The aim of these agreements and understandings is to make Bangladesh partner of the reactionary war conducted by the Indian ruling class against freedom loving people, struggling aborigines and revolutionary people of its own country in the name of suppression of Jangi (Fundamentalist fighter) and so-called extrimist. And on the other hand, call to expansionist intervention of Indian state in suppressing the revolutionary movement of people of Bangladesh.Whose expression occured through the hand over to India of various top ranking freedom loving leaders including ULFA leader Arobindu Rajkhoa by arresting before formal agreement.
  • But anti-imperialist patriotic, democratic and progressive forces of India did not accept this hatred plan for distroying Maoist people’s war and aborigine eradication by Mohmohan-Chidambaram clique. They have raised voice in protest. Many more progressive intelectuals of Europe-America outside of India have called upon Indian gov. to stop “Operation Green Hunt”.

We severely condemn mass murder, mediaeval supresssion, rape, burning, removal from home throughout India including aborigine peoples for the interest of MNC and Indian bureaucrat-comprador capitalists through “Operation Green Hunt” conducted by Indian govt., and call upon the people to raise all types of possible resistance to foil this fascist suppression campaign.

We declare solidarity with revolutionary struggle and people’s war conducted by the leadership of Maoist Party of India and call upon the oppressed people of Bangladesh to come forward in support of this struggle.

At the same time, we call upon all leftist, progressive and democratic and humanitarian organizations, forces and persons of Bangladesh ▬ oppose anti-humane, fascist and reactionary campaign of so-called “Operation Green Hunt” conducted by Indian govt. Raise different types of protest and resistant movement.

▬ Central Committee,

PBSP/Bangladesh [Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla]