2015 - Long Live Proletarian Internationalism! Yawolna Yaifare!

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On April 15, supporters of the PCR-RCP Canada attended the “Modi Go Back!” demo called by the International Campaign Against War on the People of India – Toronto to oppose the visit of the fascist Prime Minister of India in Canada. Protesters took the opportunity to express their support to the national liberation struggle waged by the Maoist Communist Party Manipur in the Northeast of India. At this occasion, our comrades from the MCP Manipur issued this communiqué to reaffirm their solidarity with Canadian Maoists. Long live proletarian internationalism! Free Manipur!


April 13, 2015

To the Central Committee PCR/RCP Canada

Dear Comrades,

It is the first time in the history of National Liberation Movement of Manipur that the visit of Prime Minister of India to a foreign country is to face a protest rally for FREE MANIPUR. Therefore, the comradely dutiful support for proletarian internationalism from Canadian comrades is not only to support New Democratic Revolution of Manipur but also congruent to hand over a new history to the people of Manipur. Canadian comrades cannot be forgotten in the soil of Manipur by the Manipuri races.

Maoist Communist Party Manipur is a struggling, waging party representing new generation of Manipur for national and class liberation struggle as a part of New Democratic Revolution. Having endeavoured to instill the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the hearts of Manipuri masses who have been witnessing and distrusted the silhouetted goal of national liberation movements for more than past forty years, is not an easy task or handy step to tackle. Comrade Mao teaches us that no political party can possibly lead a great revolutionary movement to victory unless it possesses revolutionary theory and knowledge of history and has a profound grasp of the practical movement; has been the answer to the national liberation movement of Manipur for more than forty years of its struggle. Even though the people of Manipur seem having vague hope and means in this struggle, their bravery never pulls back and the disappointment and dismay is still burning in their sultry heart without being extinguished even by the various huge development programmes and policies of India. The relentless bravery of the people and the desperate and despairing agony that is glowing in the muffled hearts, has enhanced the firm belief of success in the march of New Democratic Revolution by Maoist Communist Party Manipur delegating the new generic generation of Manipur. As taught us by comrade chairman Mao, “We must have faith in the masses and we must have faith in the party, these are two cardinal principles. If we doubt these principles, we shall accomplish nothing.” We have firm faith in our people and keep trust in the party founded on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which is regarded as the proletarian weapon.

The Maoist parties of the world have extended their support showing that people of all over the world are there for the colonised and suppressed people of Manipur as a whole. Thus such support from Maoist Parties of the world to the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur as a contingent of World Socialist Revolution and their strong stand for the Party have created a new Spring of Revolution for the people of Manipur. The reactionary dogs of Indian colonial politics might have killed many revolutionaries and their repression and oppression might have suppressed the masses but this ever-growing bud of spring can never be nipped. This spring shall come one after the another persistently. The three steps, the three assigned tasks and obligations in priority are: (i) Comrade Mao teaches us that ideological education is the key link to be grasped in uniting the whole Party for great political struggle. Unless this is done, the Party cannot accomplish any of its political task. Therefore, we have to resume or continue the ideological warfare uninterruptedly which has been going ahead for four years. (ii) to upgrade the present armed wing of the Party, New Peoples Militia to the rank of New Peoples Guerrilla Army in no time by making advance development and flourishing its activities, and (iii) to carry out the duty of proletarian internationalism in a more fulfilled manner. We are ready to carry out these three assigned duties and responsibilities. The result of success will be soon seen by the comrades of the world.

There will be a great wave and inspiration to the people of Manipur because of the support and firm assurance given by Canadian comrades saying “We are there for you,” in the wake of the beginning of the advancing proletarian revolution in all aspects in a true spoor as seen by the people. Once again we keep you our firm belief and faith that the Canadian comrades may please carry out the slogan— “Repeal the AFSPA and Free Manipur” and “Stop Operation Green Hunt and war on the people of India.” Surely and vividly as an advanced reminder prior to the protest to be held on the 15th April, 2015.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Yawolna Yaifare!

In Struggle,

Comrade Ngamtaaipa Meitei

International Department,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur