2016 - Statement about the bomb discovered at the residence of Yumnam Joykumar

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The bomb which was discovered at the residence of the ex-DGP Yumnam Joykumar of Naoremthong who murderred many Manipuris in the name of Counter insurgency in Fake encounters was left by the special unit of Urban Guerilla under Maoist Communist Party Manipur. In his tenure the rate of arrest and killing was at zenith.

It was acted according to the decision resolved and declared by the party last year that any ex-serviceman of Indian security forces cannot be involved in the works and services of Manipuri people in general. The Party has the adequate strength and ability for each and every resolution resolved and decided by the Party to turn into action the Party has existed to wage war against the imperialist India it shall never be forgiving such a few foes.

The Party is not afraid of anyone except our people so none is to be bowed. The Party shall fight any challenge on its way to struggle without fear but bravely with self-sacrifice. Many mothers are made detached from their children, many female siblings are made widows, many sons and daughters of the soils are pushed into the world of dark deep pit and their future are made scattered and shattered in the middle of the no way ; in such a pathetic and discontented situation the Party will never be a silent spectator in a slumber and our people in general are appealed not to be befooled and dumbfounded with their sheer offering of some plainclothes or loin clothes and treating with some dinner parties or feasts as if they become saints and come forward to serve the society from which they have been sucking flesh and blood of the broad masses.

All the Oppressors of the past are the oppressors of the masses at present too, the Party will attack and invade against them tomorrow too. On the other-hand, the Party will never do anything wrong secretly and openly and the culture of declaring one thing and doing the other thing because the Party is an Armed Revolutionary Party and the sole armed Revolutionary party for the proletarians of Manipur. In the previous year, since all Revolutionary parties of Manipur boycotted Congress-I in the last Manipur Legislative Assembly election and it was published in the local dailies of Manipur on the first page as an important news report through which the people of Manipur could get the news at large that various different attacks were undergone upon Congress-I thereafter and the boycott became firmer was known to the people.

Our party has been waiting for the right time, place and situation to attack upon the ex-high ranking officials of Indian Security Forces as they were banned to participate in any public works and services in any forms and figures since last year, now it is the right time to practice what was said into action hence the attacks. All the foes and reactionaries of Manipuri society has been challenged with clenching the fists and longing for the right tactical time.

Our broad masses are appealed not to allow in social functions and support for those ex-security forces. If anyone disrespect and disregard our last appeal, every eventualities and consequences would be of the defaulters.