Boycott Fake Elections; Smash the Fascist TDP-BJP Alliance! Advance the People's War for Land, Livelihood and Liberation!

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Call to the people of AP by the Political Bureau, CPI (ML)[People’s War]

(This statement, which was widely covered in the Telgu media, was received at our office in mid-December. Given its importance we are covering it in full —Editor)

The dissolution of the Assembly ten months before schedule by the fascist TDP, headed by the World Bank stooge and imperialist agent, Chandrababu Naidu, and its attempt to make Naxalism as the major plank for the elections is not a sign of strength but an act of desperation.

Aware of the dissatisfaction and wrath of the people towards the pro-imperialist and anti-people policies pursued by the TDP government since the last 8 years, particularly the recurring famines, increasing suicide deaths, unemployment, brutal police repression and encounter deaths, etc., the TDP lost confidence that it can win the elections if they are held as per schedule. Hence it had brought the issue of "Naxal violence" to divert the attention of the masses from its own failures during its two successive tenures. If at all it had confidence on its tall claims of development, then the common sense question is, why should it go for election without the completion of its full term? It is striving hard to sell its outworn, Goebelsian rhetoric that development is being retarded due to the so-called Naxal violence. Lies are being propagated that the CPI(ML)[People’s War] has links with the ISI and that a senior leader has gone to Karachi to procure arms.

Chandrababu Naidu is dreaming of winning the elections through a sympathy wave by focussing on the attack on his life by the heroic Special Action Team of our People’s Guerilla Army. He has been trying to pose himself as a victim of "Naxalite violence" and that his government’s policies are undermined by the actions of the Naxalites. By this, he is only deluding himself and creating a media lie about the so-called sympathy factor. In fact, a greater section of the masses were overjoyed by the daring attack on Chandrababu Naidu in October by our guerrillas.

The intolerance of the TDP under Chandrababu has grown to such a magnitude that it is even branding anyone, including the bourgeois Opposition, that they are hand in league with the naxalites whenever they raise the question of Talks with CPI(ML)[People’s War] or demand that the Naxal issue should be seen as a socio-economic problem rather than as a law & order problem. It has been accusing that the attacks by Naxalites on the TDP are instigated by parties like the Congress(I). This is a reflection of the deep-rooted frustration, intolerance towards any form of dissent, and the fascist mind-set of the TDP. It is a ploy to divert the masses from the burning problems that are a result of its World Bank-dictated policies.

By seeking vote to endorse its policies towards the Naxalites, it is actually asking the people for a blank cheque or a mandate to drown the people’s struggles in rivers of blood. Not having been satisfied with the blood lust of the fascist police officers, and the vigilante squads set up by the police themselves like the Green, Red, Tirumala, Palnadu Tigers and so on, that had seen the bloody elimination of over 1450 Naxalites and their sympathisers, Chandrababu’s party now wants to unleash violence on a scale unheard of in the state’s history. And for this bloodbath that it wants to unleash, the TDP wants to make the people as the partners! Similar to a Hitler seeking mandate from the Germans to kill the Jews, a Bush seeking the mandate of the American people for massacring the Iraqis, an Ariel Sharon seeking endorsement from the Israeli masses for unleashing genocide of the Palestinians. Or a Vajpayee or Narendra Modi seeking people’s mandate for eliminating the Muslim masses in the name of curbing terrorism.

It is not just the Naxalites that the TDP-BJP fascist alliance is aiming its guns at but against all forms of dissent in the name of curbing the "Naxal menace" and removing the impediments to TDP’s so-called development. All the democratic organisations and individuals, all the fighting masses in the state should see through this heinous and bizarre scheme of Naidu’s TDP and BJP and teach them a fitting lesson. It is the TDP’s politicians, the top police brass who have a vested interest in continuing the policy of brutal police offensive and a rule of lawlessness in the state in the name of curbing the Naxalite violence, and the mafia lawless gangsters like Nayeem, Jadala Nagaraju, Haribhushan and such other cut-throats, apart from the imperialists and the compradors like Ramoji Rao, who will be the principal beneficiaries from the policy of bloodbath pursued by Chandrababu Naidu.

In fact, the move by Chandrababu to make the so-called Left-Wing extremism or Naxalism as a threat to development, peace and progress is nothing new nor is it surprising to the revolutionaries. It is manufactured in Washington and is a part and parcel of the ‘Bush Doctrine’ that is now creating havoc throughout the world. The so-called war against terrorism—the essence of the new Bush Doctrine—is a declaration of war against the oppressed people, the growing people’s movements against the imperialist policies of globalisation, war and suppression of national aspirations of the people. It is a declaration of war against socialism, communism and the revolutionary movements led by the Maoist forces worldwide. That is why butcher Bush had declared the revolutionary parties such as the Communist party of the Philippines, the Communist party of Nepal(Maoist) as terrorist and has declared total support to the reactionary, puppet regimes in unleashing a blood-bath in these countries.

The same is true whether in AP or in any other state in India where people’s war and national liberation struggles are at an advanced stage. While unleashing the worst forms of violence to suppress the struggles in Kashmir where an estimated 60,000 people have been eliminated by successive governments in the past 14 years, the BJP government at the Centre talks of peace and development and cross-border terrorism. In West Bengal, the social-fascist CPI(M) government led by Buddhadev Bhattacharya, talks of peace, progress and even socialism on the one hand while unleashing the worst atrocities on the struggling masses, particularly the CPI(ML)[People’ War], in order to carry out the World Bank-dictated policies in the state. In Chathisgarh, the Congress(I) government of Ajit Jogi, totally neglecting the interests of the masses, particularly the adivasis, has been raising new battalions and deploying huge police forces to suppress the CPI(ML)[People’s War] that has been leading the just struggles of these poor adivasis for their liberation from all sorts of oppression. The BJP government in Jharkhand, headed by Arjun Munda, has been trying to pursue the same reactionary policies as the TDP in AP in suppressing the CPI(ML)[People’s War] and the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI). The Congress (I) government in Karnataka led by another World Bank agent, SM Krishna, began his offensive against the CPI(ML)[People’s War] by gunning down two woman guerrillas last week. In Tamilnadu, fascist Jayalalitha’s AIDMK government killed and jailed several activists and sympathisers Orissa, Bihar, and UP too, similar policies are being pursued. And the Home Secretaries and the DGPs of nine states, who met on the 21st of November 2003, chalked out the strategy to suppress the Naxalite movement through a coordinated police offensive. The thugs announced Rs. 3000 crores for this purpose. And in chalking out all these strategies of counter-insurgency warfare, it is Chandrababu Naidu who is in the forefront pushing his counterparts in other states and goading the Centre to unleash a simultaneous military campaign against the Naxalites.

The imperialists and reactionary ruling classes all over the world require a ghost, a pretext, an alibi, for unleashing the worst forms of state violence in order to carry through the policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation and to fleece the people. Terrorism and extremism have become handy weapons particularly after 9/11 bombings of the WTC and the Pentagon. Using the pretext of fighting terrorism they have whipped up mass frenzy, a feeling of mass insecurity and helplessness among the people in general in order to step up the fascist attacks on all types of dissent, to curb personal freedoms and fundamental rights. That is how they want to cling on to power and to force down their neo-liberal policies on the people. Just as Bush, Blair, Berlusconi and other imperialist bandits are trying to unleash such repression worldwide, their hirelings in the Third world countries such as Vajpayees and Chandrababu Naidus, Ajit Jogis and Arjun Mundas, Buddhadevs and SM Krishnas—whatever be their Party banner—will use the same tactics to pursue these ulterior goals. Terrorist or extremist threats to peace, progress, democracy, development, empowerment, and so on are the catchwords under whose guise the fascist repression is let lose. We repose enormous faith in the politically conscious masses of AP and are confident that they will certainly see through this global conspiracy of which Chandrababu-Vajpayee’s anti-Naxal plank is an integral part, and will smash the sinister designs of these autocratic cliques. We call upon the masses to fight back the attempts of the TDP-BJP to curb all democratic and human rights and to chase them away when they come for seeking the votes for such fascist project in the name of those very people.

Chandrababu’s TDP is bringing this issue to the fore only to divert the people’s attention from the gross underdevelopment that has taken place in the state during its 8-year rule and the untold violence that the TDP gangster government had unleashed on CPI(ML)[People’s War] and other ML parties in nexus with murderous gangs armed, trained and deployed by the top police officials as revealed by several covert agents and exemplified by the most recent case of one Siraj. Such is the track record of the murderer in power in AP whose hands are stained with the blood of over 1450 young sons and daughters, including great leaders like Shyam, Mahesh and Murali, who worked day in and day out for the liberation of the people from the yoke of feudal and imperialist oppression. Chandrababu’s scam-tainted, corrupt TDP leaders have no moral right to point an accusing finger at the dedicated, selfless and honest revolutionaries who are working for the masses in the midst of the most brutal repression unleashed by the TDP fascist government.

The "development" that Chandrababu is talking of during his long tenure as the Chief Minister is the "development" of a debt-entangled economy with over Rs. 50,000 crores of debt; it is the "development" that forces the vast masses of the peasantry to commit suicides in hundreds; it is the "development" that leads to unheard of famines for the vast majority of the masses in the state every successive year; it is the "development" of a mass of unemployed, "development" of indescribable poverty, misery and disease unheard of in the history of AP. While this is the "development" for the vast majority of the people, on the other hand, there is the "development" of a Ramoji Rao, with his over a thousand crore rupees empire of films, media and diversified spheres spanning across the country with the blessings of the TDP government; a Ramalinga Raju, through his Sathyam computers amassing enormous fortunes; an Anji Reddy, using the people as guinea pigs for the products of his Labs; and a host of other comprador industrialists and imperialist companies. The development that Naidu’s TDP is talking of is the "development" of a neo-rich class of unscrupulous contractors, black-marketeers, racketeers, scamsters, top police and revenue officials, TDP politicians, real estate brokers and mafia gangsters all of whom have fattened themselves by sucking the blood of the masses. In short, it is the "development" of dirty blood-stained money in the hands of the ruling elite on the one hand, and misery and starvation for the vast majority on the other. And it is this hoax of development that the CPI(ML)[People’s War] is opposing. And it is this hypocrisy and misrule of the TDP that is getting exposed by the struggles waged by our Party. No wonder, the TDP is itching to finish off the forces fighting against its anti-people policies and that our Party, being in the forefront of this movement, should be the principal target of its campaign. It is a well-hatched conspiracy to make the people’s movements leaderless so as to carry out their exploitation unhindered.

The TDP’s loud claim that the Naxalites are the hurdle for its so-called development (even taking its own claims of development), is illogical and hollow by all counts. What happened to the scores of Janmabhoomis, Rythu Bazaars, Velugu, Deepam and a host of other schemes that are publicised in the media over the years? Who had become a hurdle for the implementation of these schemes? Is it the Naxalites or the unscrupulous TDP politicians and higher-up bureaucrats who thrive on these funds taken from the World Bank, the imperialists and from the taxes fleeced from the poor? Is it not the TDP politicians and their kith and kin who sell the rice under "Food for Work" programme in the blackmarket? How much the TDP leaders like Krishna Yadav through scams, kickbacks, commissions and other such underhand deals pocket people’s hard-earned money? It is time for all sections of the people to question the immoral acts of the TDP when in power and to reject its false claims of development. It is the TDP under the World Bank stooge, Chandrababu Naidu, that is the real hurdle for the development of AP. It is the TDP that is facilitating the imperialists to exploit the state at will.

Chandrababu’s TDP has transformed the state into the property of the imperialists at great misery for the majority of the people; Chandrababu himself is the most trusted manager and loyal agent for imperialist capital. His rise to power is directly stage-managed by the World Bank and the imperialists. When the latter found NTR unreliable to carry on their globalisation policies effectively on account of his whimsical attitudes and populist slogans, they dumped him and brought Chandrababu to power according to a well-laid out conspiracy in 1996. And immediately, CPI(ML)[People’s War] was banned along with some mass organisations; subsidies to the poor were scrapped, prohibition was lifted, and privatisation proceeded at a rapid pace. The state of Andhra Pradesh is taken as an experimental model for imperialist globalisation and for the suppression of the revolutionary movement. Chandrababu carried this out most loyally and brutally together with the full cooperation from his ally BJP at the Centre.

We call upon the entire rank and file of our Party and the people of the state to smash the TDP-BJP alliance, isolate them and concentrate their attacks on these two parties which are presently the principal enemies of the people in the state as they have come to the fore as the most trusted representatives of the interests of the ruling classes. At the same time, there should be no illusions on the other bourgeois-revisionist parties that are trying to fool the masses with the promise that they would address their problems if elected to power. We cannot forget the gory record of the blood-thirsty Janardhan Reddy regime of Congress(I) between 1992-95 when over 400 of our comrades were killed in cold blood. The Congress(I) should assure the people that it would not resort to such encounter killings if it comes to power and that it will institute judicial enquiry into the police killings during its own reign too apart from those under the TDP’s reign of terror. The people should demand these parties to make their standpoint crystal-clear on questions such as "Land to the Tiller", "development" of the state, privatisation, the World Bank projects, separate Telengana state, solution to the backwardness of North Andhra and Rayalaseema regions, solution to the problem of recurrent famine, on the issues of Dalits and women and the question of state violence. They should assure the people that they will set up judicial enquiry into the fake encounter killings and punish the guilty officers, disband the vigilante squads (nalladandu mutthalu) set up by the police, scrap the rewards on the heads of the Naxalites, and first create a democratic atmosphere for Talks We stand by our commitment made to the people on the question of Talks if such a conducive atmosphere is created. The people of AP will, of course, realise the utter hypocrisy of Chandrababu and the TDP leadership that had scuttled the Talks last year by stepping up their blood-bath on the revolutionaries in spite of the restraint shown by our Party and the PGA for months by respecting the appeals by several democratic organisations and individuals. This is still fresh in public memory. The TDP has thus lost the moral right to call our Party for Talks and none should have any illusion about its ulterior motives. We too are forced to talk through the gun with a government that sees the gun as the only answer.

All the opposition Parties should clearly spell out their stand towards the Naxalite issue. In spite of their bourgeois-feudal and exploitative class character, our Party’s stand towards these Parties will depend on their open declaration of their stand on the above-mentioned questions, and, their practice thereafter.

We appeal to the ordinary members of the TDP and BJP to realise the bankrupt, anti-people, pro-imperialist policies of these Parties and to come out of these Parties to join the mainstream of secular, democratic and revolutionary forces which alone can shape the future of this country. We have nothing against the ordinary members of these Parties as long as they do not indulge in anti-people activities. They should realise that their own Parties both in the state and the Centre unleash violence in the first place. Whether it is communal violence, factional violence, violence on the revolutionaries and against other legitimate people’s movements, atrocities on women, dalits and other sections, it is the TDP and BJP that are in the forefront.

We warn the Chandrababu government that it alone has to bear the responsibility for the counter-violence by our PGA and the Party cadres. It had killed 13 of our comrades in cold blood in just a week after the announcement of the dissolution of the state assembly. We vow to avenge the death of these martyrs and teach a fitting lesson to the TDP-BJP fascist gangsters in power in the state and the centre who are unleashing the worst forms of state terror on the fighting forces and the religious minorities. Communist guerrillas know how to adopt appropriate tactics to counter the tactics of the enemies. And we warn once again that we are in no way responsible for any escalation in counter-violence, which is only a legitimate response to the brutal lawlessness of the police state in AP. Naxalism is not a problem but a solution to the problems faced by the system. And we warn once again that we are in no way responsible for any escalation in counter-violence, which is only a legitimate response to the brutal lawlessness of the police state in AP. Naxalism is not a problem but a solution to the problems faced by the system. However much Chandrababu Naidu and his likes try to suppress it with brute force, Naxalism will rise up, like a phoenix, again and again as the only real solution to the people’s problems in this country notwithstanding the severe losses in this process. The brutal suppression campaign by the TDP under Naidu since 1996 has not only failed to suppress the ongoing people’s war, but, on the contrary, our movement has now spread to several new areas in the state and to over a dozen states in the country. The tall claims made by Naidu, and his advisers and executers like HJ Dora, Ramulu, Vyas, Meena, Aravinda Rao of yesteryears, and Anuraag Sharma, Nalini Prabhath, Praveen Kumar, Gautam Sawang, Sajjannar and Ayyannars of today—who actually make the policies and execute them without the need to abide by the Indian Constitution or the judicial system—that Naxalism is finished, now sound ever so hollow what with the Chief Minister himself admitting that Naxalism is the principal issue in the current elections. Our great strength lies precisely in the deep roots that our Party has among the oppressed masses due to our work for over three decades braving all difficulties and hardships and the invaluable sacrifices of thousands of our cadres. We assure the people of AP that our Party will face this challenge by adopting appropriate tactics and will lead them in the struggle against the anti-people policies of the TDP-BJP in the state and the Centre. We are a force destined to grow, whatever be the magnitude of repression. It is only hypocrites, outright liars and fascists like Chandrababu who will be consigned to the scrap-heap of history.

23rd November 2003