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Welcome to the MLM Library

We have currently 995 articles, documents or books in our library !


Classics of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

mini1.jpg mini5.jpg mini4.jpg mini2.png mini3.jpg
Karl Marx Friedrich Engels Lenin Stalin Mao Zedong

Documents from Maoist parties

vejcJPS.png YV5Sl2C.png Q5Rsxfw.png 7pJKRYM.png ZIKughC.png Q5Rsxfw.png
Communist Party of Peru Communist Party of Philippines Communist Party of India (Maoist) Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist Maoist Communist Party - Turkey / North-Kurdistan Maoist Communist Party of Manipur
4l5t6rK.png w2OZIam.png shLj103.png 938ViSh.png
Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla-CC Communist Party of China Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada) Revolutionary Communist Party USA

Marxist authors


mini7.png mini8.jpg mini16.jpg uRAF0g0.jpg mini13.jpg
James Connolly Giorgi Dimitrov Antonio Gramsci Karl Liebknecht Rosa Luxemburg
mini14.jpg mini15.jpg 6Y5eMz9.png mini17.jpg
Georgi Plekhanov Georges Politzer Ernst Thälmann Clara Zetkin

India / Nepal / Bangladesh

l1dvIfD.png s2aQpyV.png 8psKZCk.png 5wDcRPX.jpg QYWHr3M.jpg
Ajith Azad Kanai Chatterjee Anuradha Ghandy Ganapathy
mini12.jpg NQlmPHV.png g5HKJng.png I8P0aUy.png WqNhcTx.jpg
Charu Mazumdar Parvati Arundhati Roy Siraj Sikder Bhagat Singh

Middle East

lAxq7P3.png cJSUEsG.png mini10.jpg Lwqyxeg.png Q6fIyLx.jpg
Masoud Ahmadzadeh George Habash Ibrahim Kaypakkaya Amir Parviz Pooyan Akram Yari


Jiang Qing

East Pacific Asia

VUyY8px.png yl3c883.png wqSBOPZ.png mini18.jpg
Ho Chi Minh Võ Nguyên Giáp Kim Il Sung Jose-Maria Sison

Latin America

mini9.png r0fTzxp.jpg mini11.jpg mini19.jpg yplOGgB.png
Chairman Gonzalo Che Guevara Jose Carlos Mariategui Carlos Marighella Luis Emilio Recabarren

North America

BeT0KjU.png 3hwdtTl.jpg 9aXSvkc.png 8bf5GAV.png ENXvKG5.jpg
Bob Avakian George Jackson Fred Hampton Raymond Lotta Huey Newton
Scott Harrison

International Organizations

sBX4nuD.jpg yXnO5Px.png
International League of Peoples' Struggle Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

Armed Organizations

htR9OSN.png t80Jl40.png tPYmLTf.png qxYFuFi.png
Action Directe Communist Combatant Cells Red Army Fraction Red Brigades

Western Academic Journals


Essential Documents of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism