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On Certain Comrade (December 1973)

Communique Of The Eleventh Plenum Of The First Central Committee (First Half 1974)

Some Very Important Points Regarding Firearms (February 1974)

Circular On Taking Military Education (February 1974)

Circular On Military Organisation (February 1974)

Some Problems Of Building An Armed Force Under The Leadership Of The Political Party Of The Proletariat Of East Bengal (30 April 1974)

Some Comments On The Positions Of Mr. Bari (Probably 1974)

Preface To The Book Entitled “Historic Struggle Of The Proletarian Party Of East Bengal Against Factionalism” (August 1974)

Communique of The Twelfth Plenum Of The First Central Committee (Mid 1974)

[[Editorial of Sphulinga [Spark] (September 1974)]]

Importance of Investigation (September 1974)

Reactionary Activities Of The Narrow Nationalists Of Chittagong Hill Tract (September 1974)

Sarat Chandra, The National Democratic Writer Of The Bengali Literature (September 1974)

Condolence Message Of Comrade Siraj Sikder On The Heroic Sacrifice Of Comrade Rafiq (September 1974)

Communique of the meeting of the Chairman of the first Central Committee with regional-in-charge and important comrades (september 1974)

Report of the Historic 16 June Hartal (General Strike) (September 1974)

Development of the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offence of 1974 (September 1974)

An Overview of the Current Situation (September 1974)

How to Solve Flood, Drought and Food Problems of East Bengal (September 1974)

Big Theoretical Defeat of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alaudinn etc (September 1974)

The Anti-Lin Piao Anti-Confucius Great Struggle of the Chinese Communist Party (September 1974)

Thirteenth Communique of the 1st Central Committee (December 1974)

[[Urgent Call of Siraj Sikder, National Liberation Front of East Bengal, Proletarian Party of East Bengal, and Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal to the Oppressed People of East Bengal [December 1974]]]