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Grasp Class Analysis And Class Struggle In Ideology And Its Manifestations

Theses Of East Bengal Workers Movement (8 January 1968)

Class Analysis Of East Bengal Society (1970)

[[The Difference Of The Marxist-Leninist-Mao Tse-Tung Thought Follower Proletarian Revolutionaries Of East Bengal With The Huq-Toha Neo-Revisionists, The Deben-Motin Trotskyite-Guevarists And The Conspirator Traitor Kaji-Zahid Clique On Determining The Principal Contradiction At The Present Stage Of Social Development Of East Bengal (Early 1970)]]

Exposure Of The Draft Strategy And Program Of The So-Called Communist Party Of East Bengal (The Party That Is ‘Left’ In Form But Right In Essence) (March 1970)

[[Establish Independent East Bengal: Siraj Sikder. The National Liberation War Has Started. Transform A Single Spark Into Prairie Fire. Establish Independent, Democratic, Peaceful, Non-Aligned, Progressive People’S Democratic Republic Of East Bengal! (8 January 1971)]]

On Some Slogans (January 1971)

Open Letter Of East Bengal Workers Movement To Sheikh Mujiv And Awami League (2 March 1971)

East Bengal Workers Movement On The ‘Government Of People’S Republic’ Of East Bengal Formed In India Led By Sheikh Mujiv And Tajuddin (20 April 1971)

Cadres Of East Bengal Workers Movement, Be Brave! Firmly Seize Political Power! Annihilate National Enemies! Build National Liberation Army! Carry Out Program! (23 April 1971)

Draft Constitution of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal (September, 1971)

Six Mountains’ lackeys disguised as patriot (October, 1971)

[[Rely upon peasants in National Liberation War! Smash the winter campaign of the Pak military bandits And the anti-people activities of the six mountains’ lackey The Awami League Liberation Force fascist reactionaries! Spread Guerrilla war to broader regions! (October, 1971)]]

Rebellion of revolutionaries against reactionary leadership, Or That of reactionaries against revolutionary leadership? (1972)

Oppose the reactionary theory of the conspirators (1972)

Add anti-dogmatist struggle with anti-clique struggle and rectification movement (1972)

The Role of Leaders and Cadres in Revolution (1972)

One Divides Into Two: It Is Applicable To Party Too (1972)

Open Letter of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal to the Government of Bangladesh (January 1972)

Report Given to the First National Congress of Proletarian Party of East Bengal (January 1972)

Would you reply, Indira Gandhi? (March 1972)

Heroic people of East Bengal, Our struggle has not yet finished Carry on the great struggle To complete The unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal (March 1972, corrected and reprinted in May 1972, corrected and reprinted in March 1974)

To The Proletarian Revolutionaries Affiliated With Different Forms of Revisionist Bourgeoisie Factions (March 1972)

Celebrate Armed Force Day, International Labor Day and Party Day Strengthen Party Work! (April 1972)

Resolution of the Central Committee Regarding Leadership of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal (May 1972)

Discover the law of clique and oppose clique (May 1972)

Editorial Of Lal Jhanda (July 1972)

Reply To The Letters Of Comrade Kabir (July 1972)

Call Of The Proletarian Party To The Revolutionaries Who Are Working Spontaneously Without Having Contact With Party (August 1972)

Our Some Questions To The National Socialist Party: The Students’ League (Rob Group) (August 1972, Corrected And Reprinted In September 1973)

Communique Of The Fifth Plenary Meeting Of The 1St Central Committee (26 September 1972)

On Socialism, Class Struggle And Social Revolution (October 1972)

On Moulana Vasani’S United Bengal (October 1972)

On The Constitution Given By The Six Mountains’ Lackey The Awami League Fascists (October 1972)

On Election (October 1972)

Communique Of The Sixth Plenum Of 1St Central Committee (9 December 1972)

Statement No. 1 On The Question Of Establishing Unity Among The Sincere Proletarian Revolutionaries Of East Bengal (December 1972)

Cadre Shortage And How To Solve It (1973)

[[Excerpt From The Resolutions Of The Meeting With Various Comrades [1973]]]

Our Some Questions To The Huq-Amzad And Toha And Co. On Whether East Bengal Is A Colony Of Soviet Or That Of Both India And Soviet Or That Of India (January 1973)

Communique Of The Seventh Plenum Of The 1St Central Committee (Probably February 1973)

Whole Organization, Put Your Opinion About In Which Level Certain Comrade Should Be Kept (February 1973)

Circular No.1 Of The Chairman Of The Supreme Commanders Of The Armed Patriotic Force Of East Bengal (April 1973)

Communique Of The 8Th Plenum Of The 1St Central Committee (Probably April 1973)

Some Points On Economic Operation (May 1973)

Communique Of The Ninth Plenum Of The 1St Central Committee (Probably June 1973)

Resolutions Taken By The In-Charge Of The Bureau No. 1 In The Meeting Of The Regional-In-Charge Comrades Of The Regions Under 1 (A) Sub Bureau (Second Week, June, 1973)

The Victory Of The Proletarian Party Of East Bengal Is Inevitable (June 1973)

Declaration And Program Of National Liberation Front Of East Bengal (June 1973)

How To Talk To Petit Bourgeoisie And Bourgeoisie (June 1973)

On Some Points Regarding Criticism-Selfcriticism (June 1973)

Resolutions After Meeting With Sector Commanders Under Special Military Region (Mid 1973)

Resolutions Granted By The Bureau No.1 In-Charge In 5Th Meeting With In-Charge Comrades Of The Regions Under The Bureau (Mid 1973)

Some Military Points (Second Half 1973)

Resolutions Of The Meeting With Sector Commanders Of The Special Military Region (Probably Mid/Second Half 1973)

Initial Summation Of The Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive (August 1973)

Circular On Giving Punishment Inside Party (Second Week August 1973)

Preface Of The Poetry Book: ‘People’S War In Perspective’ (October 1973)

On Sukanto (October 1973)

Communique Of The Tenth Plenum Of The 1St Central Committee (Late 1973)

Resolutions Of The Sixth Meeting Of The Bureau No.1-In-Charge With The In-Charge Comrades Of The Regions Under The Bureau (Late 1973)

Resolutions Of The Meeting Of The Bureau-In-Charge With The In-Charge Comrades Of The Regions Under 1 (C) Sub Bureau (December 1973)

On Certain Comrade (December 1973)

Communique Of The Eleventh Plenum Of The First Central Committee (First Half 1974)

Some Very Important Points Regarding Firearms (February 1974)

Circular On Taking Military Education (February 1974)

Circular On Military Organisation (February 1974)

Some Problems Of Building An Armed Force Under The Leadership Of The Political Party Of The Proletariat Of East Bengal (30 April 1974)

Some Comments On The Positions Of Mr. Bari (Probably 1974)

Preface To The Book Entitled “Historic Struggle Of The Proletarian Party Of East Bengal Against Factionalism” (August 1974)

Communique of The Twelfth Plenum Of The First Central Committee (Mid 1974)

[[Editorial of Sphulinga [Spark] (September 1974)]]

Importance of Investigation (September 1974)

Reactionary Activities Of The Narrow Nationalists Of Chittagong Hill Tract (September 1974)

Sarat Chandra, The National Democratic Writer Of The Bengali Literature (September 1974)

Condolence Message Of Comrade Siraj Sikder On The Heroic Sacrifice Of Comrade Rafiq (September 1974)

Communique of the meeting of the Chairman of the first Central Committee with regional-in-charge and important comrades (september 1974)

Report of the Historic 16 June Hartal (General Strike) (September 1974)

Development of the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offence of 1974 (September 1974)

An Overview of the Current Situation (September 1974)

How to Solve Flood, Drought and Food Problems of East Bengal (September 1974)

Big Theoretical Defeat of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alaudinn etc (September 1974)

The Anti-Lin Piao Anti-Confucius Great Struggle of the Chinese Communist Party (September 1974)

Thirteenth Communique of the 1st Central Committee (December 1974)

[[Urgent Call of Siraj Sikder, National Liberation Front of East Bengal, Proletarian Party of East Bengal, and Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal to the Oppressed People of East Bengal [December 1974]]]