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=Section one=

Text of section one

==subsection one==

Text of subsection one

==subsection two==

Text of subsection two

What it looks like:

Section one

Text of section one

subsection one

Text of subsection one

subsection two

Text of subsection two



'''bold text'''

''italic text''

What it looks like:

bold text


Numbering and bullets



#item one

#item two

##subitem one

##subitem two

what it looks like

  1. item one
  2. item two
    1. subitem one
    2. Subitem two



*item one

*item two

**subitem one

what it looks like

  • item one
  • item two
    • subitem one

Citations / footnotes

To create a citation or a footnote follow the following steps:

  1. make sure your mouse pointer is selected in the place in the text you want the citation/footnote ([1]) to be: PcI4iBy.png
  2. click the button in the top of the editor that looks like a open book with a red bookmark string: jHKe9ac.png
  3. this will open a window. paste the content of the citation or footnote: hpLIs4s.png
  4. click insert and the citation/footnote will be inserted: GSILsO3.png

what it looks like

This is example text that needs a citation[1]
  1. This is the cited text. it will be at the bottom of the document